Progress in Salvage: tired Eld is tired.

Well wow, crazy real life is crazy. I am so tired right now but I’m in a pretty good place. I’ve moved house again but hopefully for the last time in a while. I hope so it’s both exhausting and expensive! A bit like Salvage… well ok tenuous link is tenuous but we’ll get there eventually.

We’ve had some nice melee luck recently. Finally we saw two pairs of previously-blogged usu-35 feet drop for Ure and Mart.  We did a quick ZR run to 4FN and picked up Ure’s 15 to complete his Usu feet and give the midgetaru another piece towards his Marduk pants.

Ure's Usu Feet

Ure's Usu Feet

We then saw skadi hands 35 drop on our way up SSR to get LAC down for Mart’s 25. So we currently have 3 35’s waiting on various bits and pieces. We’ve killed the AR boss a couple of times but he won’t drop the tiara. Thankfully he is dropping some things other people need. Mart didn’t get his Usu feet drop and I don’t think we’ve been back to ZR for Neph’s 25 yet.  I thought I was going to miss out on runs this week but I should be able to make the two normal runs, even if I can’t do the pickups. /Cheer for Polish neighbours who don’t mind lending their wireless internet for a few days.

So Ure finally completed a piece of Usu. If we can get Hammerblow to drop again, he could have the head done shortly too.  No luck with the rats in AR yet but we have realised a few things, the most important of which is to avoid doing AR with any more than 6 people if possible.  Kaz is overdue a  35 right now and hopefully one of the rats will drop for Nia’s cuirass. Aunshi/Alk  are picking up 15s and 25s all over the place so when the 35s drop, it shouldn’t take long for things to be completed. The odd extra run really does help the completion speed.

We’ve got 9 completed, wearable pieces done. We have one set for a Marduk body complete, and 3 outstanding 35s.  Hopefully that means 12 completed pieces fairly soon and another on the horizon.

Other pieces on the wishlist which are ‘close’ to completion, having the 15+25s ready to go:

  • Morrigan’s Slops (Eld)
  • Skadi Bazubands (Xan)
  • Morrigan’s Cuffs (Aunshi)
  • Usukane Gote (Mart)
  • Usukane Somen (Ure)
  • Morrigan’s Robe (Aunshi)
  • Marduk’s Shalwar (Aunshi)
  • Usukane gote (Ure)
  • Usukane Hizayoroi (Mart)

Aside from that, normal shell business is ticking over as normal. Been nice to see a few peeps on who haven’t been around for a while and there is a reasonably positive, if not cautious, interest in the next update. I haven’t been on much and will be somewhat erratic this week until things at home are a bit more settled.


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