Whining about CoP

Right, I’m going to get it all out here.  Because I know half the world doesn’t agree with me and so I might as well vent here, in my own blog than yell at anonymous people on the forums. For more info – read this

Uncapping and making more of the CoP zones, I’m totally ok with. In fact, I’m pretty pleased about it. I love the Riverne areas and have always wished there were more reasons to use them.  I’ve killed the NMs, farmed the scales, killed Ouryu, done ENMs  and all the missions but you never stay there very long.

But why the bloody hell are they removing the CoP level caps? It makes the missions I worked my butt off for a laughing stock. I was pleased when they removed xp loss; that made a lot of sense to me. I was over the moon when they brought in level synch; it encourages others to participate. But why do you need to drop the level caps for the actual fights now?  You don’t.

There’s nothing challenging about kiting or supertanking mammets at 75. That’s assuming they don’t raise the level of the mobs in the BCs of course… Something which I think they probably can’t do because there are always new accounts…

Minotaur becomes a 60 second fight.  Mammets it will take you longer to get there than it will to kill them. Ouryu will be laughable with AM2 and 70 BPs. People will be soloing it before long.

Promy Vahzl and Sacrarium will be a bit more challenging enroute because they’re making the whole zones more dangerous. Taking out the bosses will take minutes. What is the point? Why not just give away a free ring when you buy a code?

The airship fight is exciting; it used to be considered one of the hardest fights in the game. It’s already lost a lot of its threat with the introduction of new jobs. I’m ok with that but seriously at 75? I’ll just /doze off whilst that NIN/DNC solos everything.

I’ve done CoP. I have nothing to lose out on. I shouldn’t care. But if there are still new players out there is this really the way to help them?  This game was never about catering to the lowest common denominator and now? You learn tons about jobs and strategy on your way through CoP. You learn how to play. You learn about different setups and making things work. You cap your skills and gear well so you don’t fail. It’s not just about getting ticks in boxes.

I know, I know… it helps people and I’m ok with that. The game is dying and is waiting on XIV. I should just get on with it. But this irritates the living fuck out of me. CoP was awesome, now it’s just a random pile of shit like the ZM which are laughable and dull.

And you know what? I actually liked the story in CoP. It got to me and getting to Sea was a huge personal achievement.  I was proud that a group of us from a middle of nowhere shell worked our butts off and got it done.

Maybe Square Enix needed not to put CoP into the game in the way they did in the first place. Maybe they have rethought missions and how to convey story and that’s a good thing; but breaking CoP down to this level? Pathetic.


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4 Comments on “Whining about CoP”

  1. May 25, 2010 at 13:18 #

    I agree, mainly because it takes the fun out of the fights! I havn’t even finished all of CoP yet (I’m only at vazhl >_>;) but I dont want the fights to be easier – theyre fun when its hard!


  2. May 25, 2010 at 15:50 #

    “You learn tons about jobs and strategy on your way through CoP. You learn how to play. You learn about different setups and making things work. You cap your skills and gear well so you don’t fail. It’s not just about getting ticks in boxes.”

    Seconded. In general.

    I’m not too sure about whether people really learn about different setups and making things work. They don’t even learn how to play, in my opinion. Allowing an arbitrary number of people who have won the fight before to participate in the fight again had about the same effect you’re describing here: People don’t learn things. They get ticks in their mission boxes.

    For example, I will point out a few recent CoP runs of mine, helping out a friend’s LS. Ouryu v1 ended up with ALL key positions on The Last Verse. And three people who didn’t really do more than toss Mistmelts (one of us could have done that, as well…). On Three Paths, the key people in our strategy were on The Last Verse, once again. And even then, people managed to fcuk up killing the first Mithra, because they don’t know how the fcuk to DD.

    The Airship was similar. I doubt anyone really understood the basics of the fights against Omega and Ultima. All the way from the very first Promyvion to Al’Taieu, I tried to actually be a teacher. Pointing out the decisive points of certain strategies and/or setups.

    I think in the end, the veterans won CoP. Those who got to Al’Taieu just recently never did. What reason I helped them for, though? I had a dream… that one day…

    No, CoP won’t be broken down to some pathetic level. It already is there.


  3. May 25, 2010 at 18:23 #

    I totally agree! I loved the strategy involved in having to make do with less. Its not easy, but very do-able with a bit of planning and cooperation. I’m really sad to see this happen. Now will either actually require you be a high level to participate, or alternatively will just require you to have a couple 75’s come in and basically do it for you. Much like what happens with most avatar prime fights. I think its kind of sad. 😦


  4. May 25, 2010 at 18:27 #

    Just had a thought though, maybe that is the whole idea, to just finally get people done with these it so they can move on to other things.. I suppose they have a reason.


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