That was the weekend…

Was going to moan about Monday morning, then realised with the holiday weekend that it was Tuesday.


I managed to run around on Saturday morning and finish up my PLD set. Many thanks to Aunshi and Execrate for their help.  Especially Exe who helped me with Dark Spark/Key farming in Castle Zvahl. I am now a Paragon of Paladin Excellence… but more to the point the keys are out of my inventory and the set is now stored.

Subjobs etc

I’m lucky… most of my 75s sub to each other. The exceptions being NIN, WAR and DNC. I should really work on DRK too but I’m not sure I’m going to bother. As at 90 you’ll be able to sub BLM for Stun and more to the point, I’m not sure I’ll level RDM much further… /DRK is the last on the list.

NIN I need for everything. WAR is essential for COR and PLD and so that’s next up. For my mages, I have 75 WHM, SCH, BLM, SMN and RDM which takes care of everything else really.

On Sunday, 5 of us went out in the world’s most rag-tag group of NIN, NIN, PUP, DNC, RDM to East Ronfaure [S] to see if we could muddle through and get some xp. It turned out to work far better than we’d hoped and we raked in xp. I went from 37 to 41 NIN which gets me off the hook at least initially. Everyone else did as well, if not better as they were spamming various rings. I don’t have an Allied ring and I am saving my anniversary band for levelling once the cap goes up.

As far as capping xp on my current jobs is concerned… WHM is around 40k. BLM, BRD and SCH are currently capped. SMN is around 42k. COR and RDM both essentially need parties as COR is around 26k and RDM a bit higher. One good party on each should cap them out. WHM and SMN I’ll try and get done in Campaign.


This week we ran into more problems with trying to get Xarc. The eastern shells are now going later and later to try and get the zone which means we run into issues… depending on where in the far east they’re from they are starting between 10pm and midnight, just to get the zone… which, adding in British Summertime (they don’t adjust for daylight savings…) just causes us massive headaches. So we jumped to Qufim as the planned backup.

Getting the win in Qufim isn’t terribly hard as long as people don’t take it for granted. I always have to push the shell quite hard through the zone or we run out of time. Valkurm, you have the time but can get unlucky on the Boss. In Qufim you don’t have the time to mess around and I’m always fairly aggressive.

I really had to push hard to get us through Suttung fast enough to get to the Boss. Even so we hit the Boss fight at the 10mins mark with mages still resting for MP.  The Boss fight was pretty epic this time, which meant we went to the wire but we got it down thanks to a mammoth effort by the DD and had an hour’s farming.

I think the nicest thing that happened though is Silkxiv getting a Cleric’s Belt in the first couple of mobs… the bats around the pond dropped it for him. That taru has been waiting a while for some nice shinies and this and the Cleric’s Mitts are the last pieces he needs to complete his WHM.

We saw our first ever SAM accessory and a bunch of normal and -1 gear. Was pretty fun in the end and people seemed to enjoy it. More to the point we’ve knocked out yet another CoP win for those who joined more recently.  Bastok  or Jeuno next week and then off to Valk for hopefully another win so that everyone can hit Tav. We’ve been once but we really need everyone to have access so we can farm with 2 groups when we’re being blocked out of Xarc.


This was an improvement finally. Unfortunately ruined by one party leader having issues with trading and wasting precious minutes which meant not enough time for the Boss. You can’t afford to tie up 4mins with this kind of mess. The run itself was more aggressive and it works. People uncomfortable with being pushed harder but we need it.  We timed out.

Other events

Aside from that we had our usual mix of events including ZNM, a quick Krab and a Proto-Omega. I hate to say it but we’re almost capped on Homam right now.  We’re looking at turning our ratio of Omegas to Ultimas on its head for a bit. We’ll never stop doing both, there’s always someone who needs it; but we may focus on Ultima as we need a few pairs of pants and some bodies.



Salvage is going great guns as we’re often doing 3 runs a week and it’s making a difference.  We did SSR and saw no 35s we wanted but did pick up the odd needed 15 and some completely unneeded 25s.  We have Neph’s hands and Mart’s feet to complete at the moment and LAC won’t put out more Usu.

Looking forward to being away at the end of the week, getting a bit burnt out. I overdid it this weekend and am worried about C.


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