JA’s: some details released about 80 cap

Magian Staff

Magian Staff?

I know, I haven’t written much of note recently. Life’s been a bit hectic.

They’ve finally announced some details of the increasing level cap. Notably the 2 NIN abilities Innin and Yonin (sp?) aren’t going to be subbable and neither are the WHM Afflatus JA (/cheer!). They’re weakening Shadowbind when subbed and they’re upping the recast timer to triple on accession/manifestation when subbing SCH.

Restricting Misery and Solace is nice. It means that other jobs can’t get that much out of Cura when subbing WHM. Esuna, Sacrifice and Auspice don’t become relevant so no impact there. The enhancing buff to barspells, the stoneskin effect on cures and the bonuses to Holy (lol, but Holy II maybe incoming!) are only available to WHM, preserving some dignity…

Picture property of Square Enix

Convert has definitely not been protected, picture of BLM converting is there just to ram home the point… So BLM/RDM at 80 gains access to a useful JA to keep them in the game and at 82 eventually will have some form of Refresh. Whether that’s nerfed or not, we’ll have to see.

Horny Turtle

Prehistoric Horny Turtle!

Looking at what SCH gets out of all this (before we hear about new stuff)…

SCH/RDM: Convert, Barvirus and Icespikes.  Actually, Convert and Icespikes aren’t bad but I’m guessing in merits SCH/WHM becomes a force to be reckoned with now… by subbing WHM until 96

SCH/WHM: aside from Altep/Yhoat and a bunch of stuff SCH gets already… they get haste. I can see SCHs being abused for this right royally unless; WHM and RDM get Haste II.

Apparently SCH also will get Libra and the animation is very shiny!

Anyone subbing SCH will get access to Regen II as well as Accession/Manifestation but BLMs need some form of defensive ability to be able to use SCH as a sub solo/lowman. It may be coming – a bunch of new JA have been found in the .dats and BLM is getting one of them. Let alone what they may add in as new spells.

RDM does pretty well out of /SCH at 40. It gets Erase back again as well as the JA to AoE Haste/Fresh. A decent haste setup is probably necessary to make the most out of but still, a pretty huge boost. Let along being able to occasionally AoE Stoneskin/Phalanx etc.

Magian Club

Magian Club?

Aside from that, there’s a bunch of new Weapons which look like some form of Magian Mythic/Relic and some others which I’m clueless about…

New Seveneyes

New Seveneyes?


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2 Comments on “JA’s: some details released about 80 cap”

  1. June 11, 2010 at 14:18 #

    I’m excited for the update — I’m really glad though that they’re restricting Accession/Manifestation. As much as I love my red and white mages…I would hate to see SCH completely useless! One typo in your entry though — SCH gets Regen II at 37, so that’s already available to anyone /SCH :] Over all though, quite a nice overview!!


    • eldelphia
      June 11, 2010 at 15:33 #

      Yeah I wasn’t being very clear with that. I know /SCH gets Regen II already – I think I was writing in a hurry. When I get a moment I’ll clarify!


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