Ready for the update?

Well I guess I am almost done. Took BLM out last night to get my last 5k to recap it. Was a nice ls party with some random blms on Mt Z thrown in. I skipped out to let Silk get some xp once my buffer was done. I retraced to the past, changed to SCH andwithin one fight I was capped on that too.  Followed up by a session on SMN and WHM.

Dynamis Valk will probably kill my RDM xp buffer tonight but at least its one job, not many I’ll need to cap.

Eld as a level 40 WAR

Eld as a WAR

This morning whilst I cleaned up my house, I sat afk on WAR, seeking for party. Not long before I was about to give up I hear the telltale chime and see an invite for an E. Ron party.  It wasn’t the best party I’ve had there but it got me from 37 to 40, almost 41. The NIN has to have been the laziest mofo I’ve seen in a while. Gotta hate the wave of cheap subjob Ninjas. And yes, I got invited to a party by JohnnyDepp who for some strange reason is currently blonde. No, I don’t get it either.

So now I have NIN and WAR done, so COR and BRD are covered for now. I will level DNC and RNG as and when. DNC should be more fun next week and RNG I rarely use these days. DRK should go to 45 but I’m not sure I can be bothered.

Finally,  I want to show a screenshot of my EmoChoco. This bratty chick was raised from an egg I picked up in an ISNM. It’s only the second time I’ve tried raising one and the first was incredibly bland.  Back to the gentleman in question… he’s been bored, dull, in love, sick, injured and restless and royal pain in the butt.



But he’s blue. And kinda cute. And surprisingly, not as slow as I feared. I can’t get his stats up very far but am hoping to breed him with a colourful female and see if son or daughter of brat-choco will be faster…

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