Base stats for the new Empyrean Weapons

Gained from the Abyssea, not sure on the deal. Huge damage . It says on the bottom of the Abyssea weapons page that “Future version updates will allow players to upgrade Empyrean Weapons through Trial of the Magians and other systems”

Empyrean Base Sword

Empyrean Sword

Empyrean Base Staff

Empyrean Staff

Empyrean Base Scythe

Empyrean Scythe

Empyrean Base Polearm

Empyrean Polearm

Empyrean Base Katana

Empyrean Katana

Empyrean Base Hand to Hand

Empyrean Hand to Hand

Empyrean Base Gun

Empyrean Gun

Empyrean Great Sword

Empyrean Great Sword

Empyrean Base Great Katana

Empyrean Great Katana

Empyrean Great Axe

Empyrean Great Axe

Empyrean Dagger

Level 80 Empyrean Dagger

Empyrean Club

Empyrean Club

Empyrean Bow

Empyrean Bow

Empyrean Axe

Empyrean Axe


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