30 minutes in Walk of Echoes

Just wanted to post up about our brief experience in Walk of Echoes. I’ll add in some screenshots tonight, didn’t get a chance to upload them all last night.

12 of us went to try it and ended up with 3 others allianced, inside Walk of Echoes. I’m getting ahead of myself though

You need to be ‘on’ the Cait Sith mission. Mantra literally finished the mission before as we went and he could go straight in. You also need to have, or run through to get, access to Xarcabard [S].

If you op into Xarcabard [S]. Just down the slope from the Op and next to the cliff is the entry point. I forget what it’s called but it’s obvious. You click on it and get a cs with King Kupofried (moogle responsible for the mog tablets/ring).

It costs 1k to enter and each fight lasts up to 30 mins with no xp loss.

You go inside into a lobby area, the scenery is pretty breath-taking. Once inside you choose a battle field to enter by clicking on one of the numbered cruxes. We entered number 1.

Walk of Echoes

Walk of Echoes

Other people can enter too, there’s no restriction. I think this is a good/bad thing but it was welcome last night.

The battlefield was quite small, with stairs leading up to another platform. Mobs came in waves from different places and linked in. The only way to describe the battlefield was a cross between Promyvion and Riverne with more red lol.

More Walk of Echoes

More Walk of Echoes

The mobs were hard work even with 2 balanced parties and some additional dd. We killed a couple, then wiped to adds/AoE. Mobs reset and we killed some more. Did better but eventually they caught up with us and overwhelmed. We wiped again, one mob was close to Nia and he kited it with kitty pants whilst the rest of us recovered. The mobs move fast so 8% didn’t seem to do it.

Either killing mobs or at regular intervals, we all gained temporary random potions/meds. Quite high powered ones.

We saw one thing drop, a coin of some sort – from one of the NQ crabs. When I say NQ, they were casting tier IVs at least and were  abit like dyna crabs. Didn’t seem sleepable or gravable, don’t know if bind was tried. We usually had 3-4 mobs on us at once. Kiting with movement speed does work, I’d recommend a PLD or RDM with legs but RDM may have more problems now with the nerf to enm.

Coin either autosorted or (as we think) was lost because someone was afk when we timed out. I hope auto but was no sign of what happened. May have gone to one of the afk peeps. Was not in the pool when we timed out.

We did not come close to trying the Boss but I think with effort and co-ordination this could be another Einherjar style event, 30 mins less unpredicatability, NO XP LOSS and a lot of fun. There are 8 different fights open already and I know they either have or plan to, release higher tiers.

Right now at level 75-76, its tough. I would take Einherjar style parties but different zones may require different tactics.  At 80 I think an alliance for these early zones would be ok. We’ll see

When you time out, you end up back in the lobby area.. There may well be tactics which develop and make this easier but man it was a lot of fun


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