I am f*cking furious!

Ok, I am F*CKING furious right now and about to R A A A G E!

That is after all, what a Blog is for!  I have one major AAAARGH to vent and one minor grumble. I’ll try and keep the swearing density down but insert a f*cking expletive every other word.

[I’m going to preface this with the fact it stems entirely from one comment on BG and I may yet be mollified by further information coming to light. But not right now!]

Let me sum this up:


I was so  looking forward to this event. It seemed fun. We went in once… and now, I may never go in again! Why?

Because of several things that make leading an ls an absolutely f*cking nightmare!

This is the best quotation yet!

“ most support jobs (RDM, WHM, BRD, COR) did not get to lot or even view the items that dropped due to “lack of participation”. “

Essentially, if you clear a fight in WoE then shinies drop into chest or something. But some shinies are reserved for coming highest in points/xp in the fight.  Except that unless you’re (I’m guessing) a PLD or a major DD, you’re never going to see them.

Oh, well now we discover you may see them but not always!  You have to earn a notable amount of xp before you can witness other people who SE cares about more than you lot things you need!

Now thankfully, many of these items can be passed around. This is awesome, except if you can’t see the f*cking pool, you can’t as a linkshell officer even organise distribution… And I can’t wait for the f*cking whining to start about having to pass sellable drops to other people…

If you want to avoid ls loot distribution systems entirely (thus causing ls leaders to rip their hair out) then make the fucking system FAIR!

Right now, support role jobs are unlikely to ever score in the top 5, let alone lot… So how on earth do I encourage myself, let alone ANYONE ELSE to participate in this f*cking event?!

I have WHM, BRD, SMN, BLM, SCH, RDM, COR… I come WHM to 70% of what we do. Why the fuck should I bother to come to Walk of Echoes? I could come BLM I guess and nuke from orbit. But hell, who is going to HEAL the fucking DDs?

I can’t ask Josiey to bring RDM, when she has DRK. I can’t ask Ere to bring BRD when his WAR is so pimped he’ll outdamage most peeps… Hell even for the freaking titles alone, some peeps would compete.

If I can’t see the pool, I can’t even organise the fucking drops. Whether you like it or not SE, linkshells have systems. But given that you want to abandon them, then make it fucking POSSIBLE for support jobs to get into that top 5!

So either you want groups of people in here or you don’t. Right now SE, it seems that all you want is for peeps to ePeen their hearts out in the first 60 seconds until they die because no one is prepared to come WHM. I can’t believe that every mage in Belkin’s ls was just lazy… especially considering they won!

F U C K  Y O U!

(I realise, I’m just mad and they’ll prolly tweak it. But right now I am recommending to my ls NOT to go to Walk of Echoes.)

Minor Rant

So, where was all this research and energy for CoP before they took the fucking cap off? You couldn’t have researched these missions years ago and just got on with them? No. Of course not. You’re now a fucking expert on CoP because you can suddenly do it at 75?

Oh I’m glad people are doing it but recently it has confirmed to me that it’s all about priorities. If you want something enough, you’ll get off your backside and do it.  The same person who is now organising and attending runs, could not possibly have managed to do all that research before this… oh no…

I do understand, seriously I do – but I can’t help feeling there’s a certain amount of laziness here… but that’s cos I’m RAGING about Walk of Echoes.


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One Comment on “I am f*cking furious!”

  1. June 28, 2010 at 17:49 #

    So nice to see that I am not the only one who shares these feelings about Walk of Echoes. I haven’t made my blog post about it yet, but rest assured that there will be plenty of bitching for everyone, and I’ll take care of the vulgarities that you held back from using. ^_^


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