Back to Salvage: Dorp!

Your usual BRD and RDM disappear into the aether. One of the MNKs doesn’t have enough points to come along. You enter with an uncomfortable WHM, a bored RDM and a BRD who hasn’t played BRD in Salvage for months.  You get inadvertantly MPK’d and have an argument mid run. Your SAM isn’t /WAR ; nor is your RDM /BLM for Citadel Chelonian. It’s a mess. You decide to just finish up the room, kill Powderkeg for what is the third or fourth time for this group and bam!

Macha's Slops

Macha's Slops

One pair of pants pretty much saved the run. My #1 and no competition from Aunshi as he didn’t make it. So turned in the full set after Salvage and logged. Still one of the shittiest runs we’ve had in a long time but thank god for ironic NMs.

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