Full of win! Teleport Nashmau!

Not only did I ding! 80 on WHM today (albeit with a 4k buffer which I need to improve) I made this! I corrected wiki, as this is a level 50+synth…  (Journeyman)

Nashmau Earring

Nashmau Earring

Almost makes up for them messing up my Tidal Talisman order. I hit 43 synergy on this too 🙂 Now I have a queue of peeps wanting them and running around completing the inital synergy quest 🙂  As you can see, I also made the new Empire Earring.  I had previously made the Jeuno and Bastok ones.  Jeuno earring pops you out next to the signet guy in Upper Jeuno, opposite the tele-whitegate guy. Bastok one drops you in Markets, Nashmau one drops you close to the docks. I have just made the Whitegate one, but haven’t used it yet. I might make the Tav one, so I have a second option.

No more struggling to get to Einherjar or dependancy on other people. Huzzah! Now to do the quest on Mitch, so I can make one for him.

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