QQ: Impending Doom

Something about Square Enix’ recent announcement on a release date for XIV has completely dampened the energy people had for the last update. I’m sure they just want to keep us in the loop and may well not release on time… but I can’t help wondering what they’re playing at.

 When they announced the level cap rise and all the update’s associated shinies, there was a renewed interest in XI. So the update came around, the Mog Bonanza fizzled out into nothing but there was a huge interest in magian trials, xping and trying all the new events.

 The minute SE announced that XIV was coming out at the end of October, there was a marked downturn in morale.

 It’s not that people aren’t interested in XIV, many are. It’s just that we’d prepared ourselves for having a shot at 99 before they finally released. Right now, no one is that sure whether they should bother. Personally, I’d be amazed if they did release XIV before the end of September.

It doesn’t really make much sense to announce XIV right now… Unless a ton of people cancelled their subscriptions etc.

 I don’t know about XIV. People have already hinted heavily that they’d like me to set something up but I don’t want to. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed XI or the years as a linkshell leader but I’m overcommitted to XI and don’t want to go there again.

 For me, it might be that I don’t play XIV at all. I’m not sure. If I do, it will be in a different way. XI can’t go on forever, and I accept that – but it is weird to think of it coming to an end, quite so soon. Let alone before the cap goes to 99.

 I think a lot of people are asking themselves is it worth bothering with levelling etc in XI. The buzz has died off very suddenly.

 I realise that SE had to dangle stuff in front of the XI community to keep them paying the bills and to stop them drifting away before they could entice us into XIV; however I think they’ve messed this up by announcing XIV too soon.

 I don’t think many people have realised what an effect XIV will have on the dynamics of the XI community, but slowly I think members of the shell are clicking.

 I think my aim is to enjoy the summer play time I have and then to play it by ear. By the end of this year, I may not be playing much of anything at this rate. Who knows?

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