Manaburn MMM

Right, I can’t take credit for this idea – I totally stole it from here.

I was so fed up yesterday with trying to get BLM to 79 that I spent90-120 minutes yelling for people to try this. I’d found a decent MMM maze by Analog on Alexander for manaburn. I bought a copy from Duplidoc for 500g; which if it worked, seemed a complete bargain.

I have to say, we didn’t go in with an optimal setup. We went in with 4 BLM/RDM, a SCH and a SMN. Summoner actually works pretty well because of Diabolos’ Favour and the MAB boost from the summoning Bloodpact which has gone out of my head.

I do agree that /SCH would work much better in here as long as your SCH was competent with AoEing stoneskin. Otherwise /RDM is fine – just slower. If xp per hour matters to you on BLM I can see that being an issue but if like me you just want some… then it’s not too bad. Our first run went pretty close to the wire but our subsequent runs were a bit quicker. We never got it down to 20 mins though /RDM. I think with a slightly more on the ball team – we’d be ok. Partially though it was down to having the odd dc.

You level synch etc in the lobby as usual but also make sure you have sneak on. You pop right in the middle of a huge room and the mobs come in from 4 different positions on the edge of the room and aggro from far. I’d say 30 ish – maybe more. I’ll check next time. Their linking range is huge also, making it easy to pull. Anyway, move to the north east corner (behind the posts as the guide says).

From there, one fully buffed mage can venture out slowly until something notices you’re there and then hightail it back to camp. Make sure someone is ready to sleepga as the mobs come in. A couple of sleepgas layered in case some of the wave lag behind is a good idea.

Then it’s just a case of timed aga IIIs and sleeps where necessary.  Crabs will go down in one wave of aga III. Pugs might but may need a followup nuke. Sea Monks won’t and that’s why the guide recommends Manifestation+ Grav. That way the BLMs can move out a bit and nuke.

Sometimes you get 2 waves together. They’re not usually too bad to handle.

Decent gear/staves and common sense are what’s needed. I’d say a decent enfeebling set is even more important for landing sleep but I had no issues.

Xp from the main chest ran at 5.8ish on low runs and with band/good run I did much better than that. Add in the extra CC box and it’s not bad. Not as good as TP mazes but decent and far less stressful than trying to Campaign or solo.


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