Crazy xp in Abyssea

OK, today I promise some pictures to break up the words. Oh, and less ranting. Why? Because I hit level 80 BLM!  How? Campaign, MMM, Campaign Ops, quite a lot of Abyssea and some soloing.  I need a buffer but being home sick from work this week for a couple of days paid off.

79 BRD

79 BRD

I’ve also hit 79 BRD.  I went from 2k into 76 to 10k into 79 in one alliance which killed in Abyssea for four hours… And honestly? We could have stayed longer and done more. I left Abyssea with as much time on the clock as I went in with I think. Or at least very close to it… This is the way that SE have introduced to get us over the increasing level cap.  What’s more… it’s actually fun!

Multiple Dings in Abyssea

Multiple Dings in Abyssea

Most people entered with 60-90 on the clock, a few with 120. I think I had 113 just to be awkward. As I had managed to get BLM to 80 (albeit *just*) I decided to bring SCH or BRD. We had some healers this time from elsewhere and so I got to bring BRD.

What followed was about the most fun and relaxing way to get xp I have seen to date. In an alliance, yet everyone got decent xp and could relax whilst doing it. We went to La theine. RDMs and BRDs pulled and everyone had a riot. No one minded when someone had to afk for 10-15mins; we just laughed when they came back and found themselves halfway through a level already…

Pulling was easy, mobs popped constantly and everyone could pull. They didn’t always sleep but there were macc temp items which helped. In fact there were more temp items than we could ever possibly use.  As well as JA chests, time chests and item chests.

Cruor became so plentiful that forking out for 12-24 Forbidden Keys wasn’t really an issue. We also had keys drop. Any time or xp chest we couldn’t open easily; we used a key on.

We didn’t quite reach the cap for xp, but we hit the soft cap. Level 80s were getting 586 per kill I think.  Four hours of xp, netted them over 150k. Ure capped xp; got 10 merits and had to leave to spend them. By the end of the session he was back up to 260 xp per mob even though he’d left.

It was awesome! I couldn’t do it every day but the enthusiasm for going again is high. It’s  easy and fun. You get to spend time with more people from your ls – talk about teambuilding.  Usually you’re separated and all over the place. Even nice ls xp parties only mean 6 people.  Looking down the ls list and seeing everyone except the guy who got on late, in the same place making and not losing xp, is awesome.

You need at least an hour, ideally 90 mins inside the zone to start to get enough time chests to keep going. But once you cap out the various lights, they never stop dropping.  A dedicated chest opener or two is useful and keys speed the whole thing up. Everyone going in should bring a few.   Once people see how much cruor they can earn they’re happy to get more. Having a nearby crux helps a lot.  I bought the map and the key items for travelling more cheaply without a thought last night.

People were so amazed at how fast they were dinging, they couldn’t  keep up.  PLDs were not only hitting 80, they were capping xp and getting merits… without soloing their way through Campaign.

Mart’s BLM went from 75 I think to 78? 79? It was amazing.  I’m now 35k from 80 BRD! I’m taking SCH in next time, and then maybe RDM.

Neph's Skadi Hands

Neph's Skadi Hands

In other news: Neph finally completed his skadi hands as the ZR boss finally dropped them.  Mart managed to pick up the 25 for his Morri slops too.

Salvage team

Dynamis has become so much easier, it’s fairly enjoyable now. Kill speed is through the roof and we can complete everything faster and more easily. Which means drops are higher on the whole. They weren’t bad but we’ve seen currency climb steadily.

KB Boss down

KB Boss down

Einherjar is where the cap is making the biggest difference.  We were struggling and last weekend? We beat Dendainsonne… the KB clone. Three waves – flayers, scorps and taurs – with a KB boss and we owned it!  Pity we freaking timed out before we hit the chest.  Each week it gets easier… and more of the alliance climb towards 80. It’s awesome!

Personally I want to cap BLM xp, get BRD and SCH to 80 next then work on bringing RDM, COR and SMN up.  SMN is increasingly becoming the last on my list. I can see me hitting 80 on all my current jobs but in all honesty, I’d rather hit 80 on PLD.


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