Serpentes & Other animals

I think I need to take a moment just to say thank you to all the awesome people in both Nova and Serendipity. For me, gear comes in waves. I have had exceptional luck in Salvage but to counter it, I have terrible luck with ZNM. I do about the same as everyone else in Dynamis, only after 5 years of it the pieces I have left to collect are pretty special.

Last night we went to Abyssea Tahrongi. We have an xp session planned for the weekend so last night’s session was aimed at farming and testing ourselves against, NMs. We have a lot of interest in the Vermeil Great Axe (as you’d expect).

So.. with 90-120 mins on the clock we took a whole heap of peeps out to see what we could see. We found the Sandworm up and killed him easily. Last time he messed us up but this time he was straightforward. Unfortunately no Great Axe Drop. This is a bit of a bugger, because we have interest in at least five… and I’d really like to see some of our heaviest hitters get their mitts on it.

Siege Bow

Siege Bow

Next up we went North West to interest everyone to baby turtles! Well ok, we went to find Chukwa but the lil turtles are adorable and I want one >.>

Chukwa was an easy kill, although it did manage to stomp Slaan into the ground.  We managed to get a Siege Bow from Chuk which Ebony won, thanks to a generous pass from KD.  Funnily enough most of our WARs have RNG too… it’s a conspiracy.

Serpentes Cuffs

Serpentes Cuffs

We discovered the unpronouncable Corse was up… now this guy drops some nice hands which form part of a set which I was willing to give someone’s firstborn for. Yus, I know… pixels. I don’t even like the colour. He’s not too bad to kill, just make sure people can read the log and have Holy Water. And yes, he dorped and everyone passed the hands to me… For which there is much love.  So now I have refresh/regen on my hands depending on the time and when I can level up a clear demilune abyssite to colourful, I will go for the matching feet. Which will give all my jobs fresh/regen and cure potency +4%. Which means RDM and SCH will have a field day. For me this set is perfect… I don’t have gaiters and my movement speed is on my legs.  The only job I don’t have which is on the set, is BLU. Tempting… shame the SAM drop didn’t happen too.

Then we tried Adze, the bitchy oversized bug. We killed it but it dropped nothing.  I don’t like this guy I spent my entire time removing status ailments and encouraging people to use holy water. EnDoom…Would have been nice to have seen one of the other RDM or SAM – capable players in the alliance get a nice shiny.

Our last kill was the Mandy for the Thew Bomblet. No drop yet but we have so many pops hopefully it will come.

So we need a ton more of the same really. Nice introduction to the zone. I think we’ll need to pimp out a few BLMs in Abyssea Konschtat with Goetia chains soon too.

Adamantoise Egg

Adamantoise Egg

Last weekend was pretty cool too.  We had no plans for the Sunday event. There’s always something which needs doing but for some reason it just didn’t get organised.  Xan asked if we had anything in mind, I said no and so he suggested we go back to the Turtle KSNM to try and finish off some Black Belts. I have to confess it had gone out of my head. It was almost exactly a month after we tried the last time and sounded like a good idea. Boy, am I glad we went.  Out of 5 orbs, we went 4/5! We only needed 3… Huge grats to Eb on getting a Kriegsbeil to sell too!

So now Sugarbear (aka the Carebear of War), Execrate and Pharmecius have Black Belts 🙂 Which makes 5 Black belt MNKs in our shell and I think anytime anyone else needs or wants, we can complete that set as soon as peeps have the seals!

Limbus is going ok.  Peeps seem reluctant to both continue and let it go at the same time. For now at least we’ll continue as we need drops from both Omega (a few) and Ultima (bodies wru?). I can see this falling in popularity after the next update unless there’s a continued reason to go.

Salvage is pottering along as ever. We’ve had a bit of a struggle to put the backline back together after Alkow disappeared without a trace at the same time Aunshi decided to take a break from the game.  Ere comes when he can, which is nice and its beginning to be a regular thing. Kinda feels right. It means most weeks I’m on RDM and Nia is on WHM.  I’m ok with RDM but my WHM is better; Nia is ok on WHM but prefers his WAR.  Still the group works and all is well.  Neph completed his skadi hands and now we’re really waiting on a break for Kaz who is beyond overdue some luck. He can’t play as often as the rest but even so. Nia’s also sitting waiting on an Ares’ cuirass and the rats just won’t put out. Let’s not mention the hooker boots list.

I was over the moon about Dynamis Tavnazia but I do wish we’d seen more desired Xarc drops for peeps. We need a ton. We’re back to getting wins now for a few weeks but we have Qufim and Valk planned again so hopefully then everyone will be through. Which would mean two lower man tav runs if other zones were taken. We can’t get Xarc for love nor money right now. We had planned Glacier and the guy who needed the win didn’t show… so we looked at switching to Xarc but another shell was gathering.  As we could move to Tav and as we’d be left with around 18 we went for it.

Adaman Hauberk

Odin Shinies {Yes Please}

Einherjar is a lot of fun right now.  We had 26? people show this week… we’ve struggled to hit 21-22 in the past few. As people hit 80 it gets easier and easier and its fun! This week not only did we win (/cheer) a Wing III easily… we smashed the Boss to pieces with time to spare.   Looking forward to Odin, although I think we need a Wing I and Wing II for a couple of people. /SAM DDs at 80 are sick… I’m excited and hope to see our first Adaberk or Dalmy soon.

Indra's Staff

Indra's Staff

Bergi and Kai have been working so hard on Weapon Trials.   Kaz, Xan, Ure and others have been teaming up trying to get through some of theirs too.  I really can’t face rushing through them. I’ve completed the first trial for the Thunder MAB staff.  At some point no doubt I’ll get up the energy to finish the Cure Potency +17% Staff. I’m sitting on the last trial for that but until RDM and SCH hit 80, I don’t want to lose the extra 5% Teiwaz has over Apollos. Especially as I am using RDM more.

So, we’ve been busy but I haven’t always written about it.  Looking forward to Windy, Einherjar, Abyssea XP and finishing a Limbus pop set or two this weekend.


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