Mark of the Einherjar, Abyssea and Dynamis

You guys are crazy you know that?  It’s kinda funny seeing how people get to this blog. A few from my linkshells, a lot from tarutarutimes online, quite a few from BG and then some really random search terms end up with people coming here.


Had a great weekend! No, let me rephrase…a  GREAT weekend!


Dynamis-Windurst.  Honestly, we had only recently done this but someone missed the win and too many people wanted BLM hands for us not to just get it out of the way. So we did. Boy did we do it in style. Level 76+ makes Dynamis fun. I was RDM because Bergi is a lazy-cat and slept in (:D) – I’m pretty sure he just wanted to bring BLM and his shiny boomsticks!  Actually Bergi is pretty good about coming RDM and he loves both his BLM and RDM but this week I wanted to see how powerful a BLM could be. You can’t get much more decked out that Bergi… sitting there with Maat’s cap, Morrigans, Novio and the new staves.

We ran into some interesting issues at the start of the run. I couldn’t figure out wth was going on. Until I sent a tell to our main puller, after several grumpy tells from the melee.  Our NIN was drunk and he was pulling mobs back… or not. So once I had a hilarious conversation where he was very happy NOT to pull mobs back… the run progressed much more smoothly. So, don’t let drunk kitties pull.

Eld & Josiey go 5/5

Eld & Josiey go 5/5

We did see some BLM hands and in fact the pairs we needed. Josiey went 5/5 on BLM!  Drunk Ninja left after the Boss and we had a ton of time left for farming. So we blew up some of the stuff near the AH and then went round to kill the Death House.  We wiped it out and took some screenies  of us taking over the notorious spot. We’d done it before but usually we don’t bother. After Muri left of course, we saw two SCH feet drop. I managed to ninja one to go 5/5 on SCH ( /cheer storage) and the other went to someone level 30ish.

Yesterday we had even MORE fun!

Einherjar is currently a blast. It really is. What’s somewhat hilarious is the interest it’s now attracting members again because we’re doing so well. Where were all these people whilst the rest of us struggled on, keeping it alive until the level cap? Well some have recently returned to the game to be fair but we went in with 29 (!) players and 2 mules last night…  At one point we were going in with 19-21… It will all count with the points though.

Not only did we win… we beat the Chair Dude AND had 7-8mins left on the clock. That’s ridiculous and fun. Oh boy was it nice to see ‘Mark of the Einherjar’ pop as a key item for those of us who had all 9 feathers… so next week we do a Wing II and then we see who we have for Odin! I fully expect to FINALLY be an Elite Einherjar.  Yes, it would have been better to have done this as level 75 with an uber group but after losing a few people earlier this year, it wasn’t going to happen. Only doing the event once a week really doesn’t help.  Perhaps, in the autumn, the gear from Kings will be obsolete but more than anything I want that damn title.

With Bahamut v2 coming up I will have ticked off two of the fights I really want complete. If we can get the Dynamis Lord down sometime (easy enough, just having scheduling issues) then I’ll be really pleased.

We then went on to throw an epic Abyssea party as the ls event this week. I really wanted to encourage people to get involved and to have more confidence and experience at setting these up. It isn’t the ls’ responsibility to xp people but Abyssea xp is fun and useful. As it was, we manage to snarf a ton of pop items in the process and make a lot of people very happy J.

Clevan got his NIN to 80 – was the longest he’d been on in ages and he enjoyed it.  Shao got his BLM done and capped out. Tons of people went from 75 – 77-78 and loads more capped out their jobs at 80. Mart & I finished RDM. Not my favourite job but one that gets used a lot, especially for Salvage right now. I don’t mind RDM but I don’t love it in the way I love WHM. I’d like to see SCH finished and I’ll probably work on SMN just because its easy but I don’t see SMN making it to 99 unfortunately…

I was pleased with the Abyssea xp party but was upset that we couldn’t get everyone in. We were overwhelmed with interest… and had something like 24 peeps pop at various points. Pharm stepped aside for Silk to come along but more people popped later. I wish people would communicate better; we’d have started 2 alliances because there were friends who would have joined us…

Slightly more irritated by people afking for long periods of time when others weren’t there to benefit. We drop people after a while but of course you can’t expect ls members to hang around just in case a splace frees up …

On the whole, a positive experience. Limbus did get cancelled which was unfortunate for Ebony as he’d only just gotten Sea but we’ll be back there next week.

Anyway, more good than bad and Einherjar was simply awesome  😀 I’ll add in some more screenies later.

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