Magian Staves

Sorry to post two in a row but this was so different from the thoughts on Dyna that I figured it would be better to split them up.

I’ve just posted up on the Seren forum, asking people if they need help with the later trials. Most trial weapons are ok to at least the 75 version but after that it can get tricky.

I’m so not into these, even having completed the cure potency Surya’s Staff but I need to work on the MAB staves for Thunder and Ice. Bergi has pretty much dragged me through recently, he knows how much these trials bug me.

Indra’s Staff (Thunder, MAB)

790: 50 Treants in weather

791: 50 Spiders in weather

816: 50 Monsters thunder weather/day

817: 75 Beasts thunder weather/day – this is where I am now

822: 150 vermin, finishing blow 50= thunder damage

823: 200 Slimes, finishing blow 150+ Lightning damage

1682: 200 Beetles, finishing blow, Lightning damage

1683: 250 Funguars, finishing blow 250+ Lightning damage

Varuna’s Staff (MAB)

790: 50 Treants in weather

841: 50 Slimes Ice/Earth/Water/Darkness weather

842: 50 monsters on Ice day/Weather

843: 75 Amorphs on Ice day/weather

848: 150 Arcana finishing blow 50+ Ice damage

849: 200 Lizards, finishing blow 150+ Ice damage

1708: 200 Bees, finishing blow 150+ Ice damage

Trial 1709: 250 Crabs, finishing blow 250+ Ice damage

I haven’t even started the Ice staff but I will.  I’ll get the thunder one done slowly over the month and maybe start the ice. Just in time of course for the new ones to be released.

Kaibelf has been working on tons of these weapons. I do understand why but I find them tedious to complete. Of course I love the results but it’s not much fun.

I guess I should thank Altana that I don’t in the big scheme of things, need many. If  SMN goes any higher than 75 (still don’t know about this) then it will probably need a Darkness -perpetuation and maybe a Wind -perp. We’ll see.



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