.5 to go

Slowly but surely, my cloth is climbing. After so many years I can’t quite believe that I might actually finish it. I got to 99 and did some synths but they were so expensive… I don’t live in a shell which spams Aspi so no dalmatica frenzy for me.  I was sat at 99.2 for around 10 months. The recent drop in the price of mats has meant I might actually get to be a 100 crafter before the end of time…

99.5 Clothcraft

99.5 Clothcraft

Or at least before the servers close 🙂

I did it for me. I didn’t do it to get rich, I did it cos I wanted to. Ok, I started for some stupid reason but hey – here I am at 99.5 and edging towards 100. I’ll keep trying, who knows in another 10-15 synths I might actually get there 🙂

In other news, pushed SMN to 77 in an Abyssea party last night and then changed to BRD because it was complete chaos. Dinged 80 on BRD. So now I have SMN and COR at 77 and it’s very much looking as if those two are the jobs which may go the way of the dodo after this update. I suspect COR even moreso than SMN. Because it’s not used in Abyssea for xp bonus, peeps aren’t nearly as bothered about having them around.

It’s becoming clearer to me that WHM, BLM, RDM, SCH and BRD are where my heart is. I’m surprised to include RDM in that. I don’t like the job as much as the others; it’s just so damn useful! If I ordered them in terms of how I feel about them it would go WHM >>>>>>> SCH > BLM > BRD >>> RDM.  I love SMN but it’s such a pain to level and honestly right now – I can’t see where SE is going with it. Is fun to sic Odin on Abyssea mobs though.

Random post is random.


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