How can this be so win and yet so fail?

So, in my quest for 100 Cloth, I’ve recently restarted synthing. Helped by the plummet of materials prices. I was 99.2 before restarting.  Last night I picked up 3 galateia and this morning, 2 more eltoro leather.  I logged in to quickly make a couple more coats before heading outside for a few hours.

One of the goals of many high level crafters, is to make rare items, by HQing what are called tier 0’s. These are synths where it is not possible to get 11 skill levels higher than the synth level. For example,  the errant cape is a level 100 purely clothcraft synth. Even with synth support (+3), apron, tapestry and specs it is not currently possible to hit more than 106 Clothcraft skill.  At 111 you would have a 10% chance of HQing. 101-110 your chances are tiny.

It’s further complicated if the synth has a subcraft. Like the Cursed Dalmatica which is 100 Cloth, 60 Leather. Now to HQ this, you really need some luck. Because you can’t have 111 Cloth and 71 leather. You can’t even have 100 Cloth and 71 leather. The best you can hope for is 106 Cloth and 61 leather or 103 Cloth and 64 leather.

You can’t hit tier 1 on it and you have to HQ in BOTH crafts effectively on a tier 0. That’s why Cursed Dalmaticas are a) rare and b) expensive.

Now, for the argent coat you need 100 Cloth, apparently some leathercraft (unknown)  and 21 Alchemy.  So at 99 Cloth, 60 Leather and 21 Alchemy I made this…

Platino Coat

Platino Coat

Now the leather (if any) level is apparently unknown. But even if you take it as having only 2 crafts I was under cap for one and at the cap for the second. If you add in the leather component I’d guess I was over cap for that but having a HQ of a triple craft, level 100 synth is awesome.

Having it be a wedding coat?  Fail.

I have no idea if I could ever sell this!  It appeals to the ePeen but man it is USELESS!

/cheer for the skillup though!

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