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{/welcome} to Nova Dynamis Drops highlights!

Two things. Firstly not every single piece of armour which has ever dropped was recorded accurately in the spreadsheet. We’d guess that almost all are, but in the first weeks, we probably missed something and there may have been transcription errors. We’ve seen a total of approx 765 drops,  even adding in a handful for errors I’d say we’re looking at an average of  7.7 drops per run.   We have only ever gone once a week and I would guess the highest number of people we ever had at any one run was 28-29 and the lowest, 18. We usually go in with 20-24. We’ve done 95-100 runs.

Secondly, without wading through tons of news archive I can’t accurately tell you whether the piece actually came from a city or from the CoP zone it also drops in. We’ve had a lot of non-CoP drops in Bubu and Qufim but not so many in Valk.

We’ve only ever been to Tav twice to date, although that’s about to change and we have until recently accepted people without wins and so have done a lot of city wins.

We’ve never had a run where nothing dropped and the max number of drops we’ve ever had is approx 15  in one run.

The highest dropping item for Nova is? Sorcerer’s Tonban from Dynamis Bastok! Coming in at a stunning 18 pairs of stripey pants!

Sorcerer'S Tonban

Sorcerer'S Tonban

Sorcerer’sTonban 18 Bastok
ValorCoronet 17 Bastok
MirageShalwar 16 Bastok
Warrior’sMufflers 16 Jeuno
Assassin’sVest 14 Bastok
MeleeGaiters 14 Bastok
MonsterJackcoat 14 Bastok
CommodoreGants 14 Jeuno
Warrior’sMask 14 Windurst
Sorcerer’sSabots 13 Jeuno
CommodoreBottes 12 Bastok
Summoner’sBracers 12 Bastok
Cleric’sPantaloons 12 Jeuno
MeleeGloves 12 Jeuno
Summoner’sSpats 12 Windurst
AbyssSollerets 11 Bastok
SaotomeKote 11 Bastok
Warrior’sCuisses 11 Beaucedine
Scout’sBeret 11 Jeuno
ValorGauntlets 11 San D’Oria

We have seen 20 accessories drop! The highest number being  3 which is shared by Cleric’s Belt, Pantin Cape and Duelist Belt. We’ve had 40 unique -1 drops, with only one from Tavnazia, Cleric’s Pantaloons -1.

We’ve had one piece of Hydra gear, a tiara!

Our rarest Xarcabard drop is the Commodore Tricorne and our most common are SAM heads and PLD bodies!

Saotome Kabuto 6 Xarcabard
Valor Surcoat 6 Xarcabard
Assassin’s Armlets 4 Xarcabard
Koga Tekko 4 Xarcabard
Melee Crown 4 Xarcabard
Monster Gloves 4 Xarcabard
Sorcerer’s Petasos 4 Xarcabard
Warrior’s Lorica 4 Xarcabard
Argute Mortarboard 3 Xarcabard
Bard’s Cannions 3 Xarcabard
Etoile Casaque 3 Xarcabard
Mirage Keffiyeh 3 Xarcabard
Pantin Taj 3 Xarcabard
Abyss Burgeonet 2 Xarcabard
Cleric’s Mitts 2 Xarcabard
Duelist’s Chapeau 2 Xarcabard
Scout’s Jerkin 2 Xarcabard
Summoner’s Horn 2 Xarcabard
Wyrm Armet 2 Xarcabard
CommodoreTricorne 1 Xarcabard

Out of approximately 114 Glacier drops our rarest Glacier Drop is the SAM body and our most common are the WAR pants (closely followed by WHM Bodies!

Warrior’sCuisses 11 Beaucedine
Cleric’sBriault 10 Beaucedine
MeleeCyclas 9 Beaucedine
WyrmMail 9 Beaucedine
Sorcerer’sCoat 8 Beaucedine
Duelist’sTabard 7 Beaucedine
MirageJubbah 6 Beaucedine
Scout’sSocks 6 Beaucedine
Summoner’sDoublet 6 Beaucedine
Bard’sJustaucorps 5 Beaucedine
MonsterGaiters 5 Beaucedine
AbyssCuirass 4 Beaucedine
AssassinsCulottes 4 Beaucedine
CommodoreFrac 4 Beaucedine
EtoileTights 4 Beaucedine
KogaChainmail 4 Beaucedine
ValorBreeches 4 Beaucedine
ArguteGown 3 Beaucedine
PantinTobe 3 Beaucedine
SaotomeDomaru 2 Beaucedine

The zone drops we’ve seen the most of are…

Bastok 162
Jeuno 138
Windy 121
Glacier 114
San D’Oria 105
Xarcabard 64


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