WHM Update

This post is a WHM nerd post, so skip it if you’re looking for interesting pictures of new Abyssea stuffs or epic adventures. If you’re interested in magery, read on.

Eld WHM Standing

Eld's WHM Standing gear

This is me in my WHM standing gear. Note: I retain a Dryad’s staff for hawt MPz. Or something. This is Dryad staff,  Staff Strap, Marduk’s Tiara, Morgana’s choker, Serpentes hands and feet, Novia, Roundel, Troopers, Tamas, Errant, and the ASA pants with Movement speed and Cure potency.

/squee on the full Serpentes set! Very nice set to have and I love them very much. On WHM, Augur’s and Marduk feet may eventually beat out these in terms of curing but for idling in there’s nothing better and every single one of my mages has a use for this set. BLM, SCH and RDM want to cuddle it.

My basic curing set for Cure III I seem to have mislaid somewhere and not uploaded but it includes my shiny new Surya’s Staff (+17% Cure Potency), Cure Clogs, Blessed Hands, Cleric’s Belt, Errant Cape, Selenian cap with ENM-4 and Cure potency, Trooper’s ring, Tamas, Novia, Roundel, HH Bomb and Staff strap.

The only change in my Cure IV set is really the Serpentes. I start in Cure Clogs and end in Serpentes (I don’t use Spellcast before you comment).

Cure IV

Cure IV

For Cure V, I switch in a bit more MND. I could actually go further than I do but have elected to stay with the Errant Cape for now. I do have an Aslan but I’m aiming for the Orison Cape eventually which is cure potency and -ENM. Right now though, I’m sitting at stupid amounts of Cure potency…

Staff = 17%, Body = 12%, Hat = 3%, Earring = 5%, Pants = 5%, hands & Feet -5% = 47%?

Cure V

Cure V

No doubt SE has some plans for us, that’s a a lot of curing power right there. I could plug in more from the neck to take me to cap but I will plugin more from the backpiece when I get around to hunting it (it’s on the list). 50% Cure Potency is a bit silly – I can only assume the HP we’re going to hit in Abyssea is going to get a little stupid, what with all the Abyssite you can pick up to boost it.



I’m pretty happy with this set.  If I can find some enhancing magic to stick on my hands (looking at you Augur’s Gloves) I’ll be hitting silly numbers. My bar is around 131 right now I think. I don’t have capped merits – I really could do with more than the 16 points we’ve been given >.>

My Devotion set looks like this. Or at least it should but half the time I forget bits of it..



My Enfeebling set looks like this…

WHM Enfeebles


And my Repose set looks like this

WHM Repose


I’m embarrassed to say that I actually have a WHM nuking set for Holy and Banish which involved Goliard Hands, Moldy earring etc but I didn’t screenie it. I also have a Haste set for Erase/Esuna/Haste etc and a Cleric’s briault which I add to it for Regens.

Notable upgrades I think are probably Augur Hands and Orison Cape now. I was actually pleased I didn’t have gaiters when they brought in Serpentes but of course they’d be nice. I do have all the pieces of the Marduk Body, but I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade it or not. It’s a lot of work, even if I do have all the jobs which can equip it.

I haven’t posted up my hMP set. Recent upgrades are a Lore Robe  thanks to a 50% donation for my birthday from Ure.  I could work on some hMP rings for that and will work on some of the newer back/waist pieces.

I know my WHM isn’t perfect but it’s pretty damn good and I am pleased with it. I’m probably never going to complete a Yagrush, but I’ve started the process. I can’t see myself ever having the gil for the Alexandrite but it’s a nice dream!


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