I’m going to write a tired and emo post about our first Odin.  We timed out at 1%. I’m sure some of you are now cheering out there but at least we actually got to him. Our next will be in 4-6 weeks, depending on wins and availability.

The fight went really smoothly until under 40%. It was busy and hectic and went far faster than I’d anticipated but people tried their best on the whole.

Odin #1

Odin #1

We had one person locked out because despite weeks of me posting/message/lsmessing and generally bugging peeps to check feathers our THF didn’t. So our first downer was not having treasure hunter inside. However, there was no point worrying about it at that point; we had Odin in front of us…

We’d also lost one of our RNG, so our main tank had to switch to RNG and we brought in another. Worked well but wasn’t ideal to find one our most levelheaded RNGs wasn’t going to be around. We found out later he’d had a console failure.

Peeps were pretty on the ball with 10,000 needles. Dispelga seemed constantly spammed. I think we needed to control the fight a bit more. The first 10% we just had the PLDs and the RNGs on it. It got a bit nuts when the melee party joined in. We periodically pulled them off.

The first set of Fomor were gathered up well, but I think eventually they overcame the RDM.  It gave us enough time to get Odin down 10% though.

Things started going wrong when the RDM responsible for the next Fomor kite died within 15 of Odin, after he diaga’d. I’m not at all sure why… but then it meant they were on the tanks. First one tank died and then the second a short while later.

We managed to kite/shadowbind but we had to hold damage on him around 30%. We got one tank up and continued. Ate 10,000 needles ok but were then racing against the clock.

Too many people were in range of Zantetsuken when it went off but at least most were /healing.

After that we pushed hard but the Fomor overwhelmed us as they weren’t diaga’d well. For some reason they moved away, guessing on someone who ran and Diaga only got one.

We managed to push him down to 3% but by which point it was chaos.  Everyone did what they could but it was over. At 30s remaining he was on 1% but people were dropping like flies.

I figure if we can resolve our issues with the Fomor; we’ll do it fine next time. It happens a lot faster than you’d expect. The experience was amazing and I’m sure we’ll do it but we were all gutted.

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