Level cap going to 85….

Wow, I honestly didn’t expect that. I assumed like most people that it would go to 89 or 90 this time…

Let’s take a look at the update notice that was released here today.

The impending version update will usher in the second stage of the level cap increase, bringing players’ maximum attainable level from 80 to 85!

I’m honestly surprised about this one. Does that mean we go 85-99 next time or are they stringing it out further?

To provide a fitting challenge to players who achieve these newfound heights of power, we will be adjusting monster level and placement in certain Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas to create daunting new battlegrounds.

OK, so the answer won’t always be Abyssea. I hope they get these right because honestly right now xp is relatively constructive and fun… Going back to traditional 6 man parties may not be so much unless we get silly numbers etc. If they re-examine how we get xp and make mainstream environments more like Abyssea then this could be interesting. Oh and people might have IS and be interested in the Astral Candescence again…

A host of new abilities, job traits, and spells will also be added for the newly-unlocked levels. Needless to say, these will be designed to provide players with exciting new possibilities while preserving game balance as they achieve even higher levels in the future.

Here – shinies are coming.

New Job Abilities

– White Mage: An ability offering increased resistance against status ailments.

Always welcome if it actually works.

– Red Mage: An ability that enhances the potency of enfeebling magic.

Good, I think but doesn’t sound very interesting so far. It depends…

– Bard: An ability that prevents songs cast on oneself from being overwritten.

Evidence that someone within SE actually plays BRD methinks. That or people have whined loud enough.

– Beastmaster: A new pet command.

Could be interesting. BST is getting more interesting…

– Dragoon: A new jump.

Aside from annoying me when I can’t cure them I was under the impression that DRGs are already pretty powerful…

– Summoner: New blood pacts.

My initial reaction was ‘Well duh’. I’ll be nice until I see what they are giving us for higher levels.

– Corsair: New phantom rolls

Honestly? NOT MORE! I already have too many!!! I’m sure they’ll be nice, SE likes COR at the moment.

– Dancer: A new step.

Ohaiguyz – in case you haven’t noticed we like DNC and you WILL too…

New Job Traits

– Monk: Skillchain Bonus

They’re being nice to MNKs recently. Good to see.

– White Mage: Shield Def. Bonus

Well awesome! I have NO use for this whatsoever. This is the SE we love and remember. Unless WHM is the new PLD or something I’ll be dualwielding in Campaign (should I ever do it again) still.

– Red Mage: Mag. Burst Bonus

O….kaaaay. Is this the direction RDM is heading in… SE?

– Thief: Dual Wield

Shiny! Will make many, many THF happy.

– Dark Knight: Crit. Atk. Bonus

Holy shit! Someone on SE team plays DRK too…

– Bard: Fencer


– Ninja: Skillchain Bonus

Maybe we’d better give NIN something…

– Corsair: True Shot

What’s that then? Acc bonus?

– Puppetmaster: Crit. Def. Bonus


New Spells

– Enhancement spells that increase the attributes of party members

More SCH goodies? Like Stormsurge?

– Magic spells to manage enmity levels

Full of win. Especially if you give one to bloody BLM, who you seem to be IGNORING right now.

– A song that reduces damage taken by party members

HOLY SHIT, overpowered much? Could be…

– New ninjutsu

Don’t make me cry. Please to be releasing the second tier Para that C never stops lamenting about… No, I know nothing about NIN. Give them Sleep though and they will conquer the world.

– New blue magic spells

I feel bad enough as a COR with rolls. Poor BLU’s need a freaking laptop to keep up right now with the spell combos…

At least I don’t have to spend my week off getting NIN to 49 >.>


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One Comment on “Level cap going to 85….”

  1. August 25, 2010 at 15:26 #

    It’s recycled garbage from the past update. Literally, 100% of it is either the new Job Traits they made up last time (that mostly suck), or something “creative” like giving Thief Dual Wield because all THFs sub NIN for it and native Dual Wield made people not hate Dancers.

    True Shot is the thing RNG got that makes the “sweet spot” /ra’s do more damage.

    Crit. Def. Bonus is the thing PLD and BRD got.

    It’s lame as hell if you ask me.


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