We’re hunting wabbits…..

Bergi logged in last night, so of course I went off to die in new and interesting ways. It had been a great day;- DNC to 40, Wing 1 win with an abjuration drop which Mart won and Bahamut v2 dead in about 45s…

We didn’t even see the 15min notice for Wing I. Hell if we’d used our 2hrs on the manti I figure we’d have done the whole run in around 10mins. First time we’ve ever seen an abjuration drop. Mart won it, and he walks away with a crimson or blood mask. Pretty nice for his RDM as he’s already sitting on a dalmy. Shame we didn’t see the mask, but I’m glad we saw a staff.

Wyrmal Abjuration Head

Wyrmal Abjuration Head - Wing I

Bahamut v2 was ridiculous but fun. We have another orb will throw at him soon but I’m going to schedule some more Ouryu as we have some evokers.

Bv2 Drops

Bv2 Drops

After a break, I came back and asked Bergi if he was willing to try duoing Marvin.  Being pretty pimped in the WHM department already,  I haven’t pushed to get the Orison cape but it was on the list. I wanted to work out whether we could low man it rather than take up linkshell resource. I went BLM/NIN and Bergi RDM/NIN. Aside from a couple of magic fruit at 50% he was fairly easy.  I don’t think I could have soloed him but duo he’s straightforward. Bergi could probably solo him, that’s what he does.  He didn’t take very long… 20mins? Much to my surprise… he dropped. That’s our second kill of him ever. THe first we took a shell group, the second – Duo. I did die once but mostly bad timing on my part. I’m still learning really how to do this stuff.

Orison Cape Drop

Orison Cape Drop

Then we went to kill Bakka for Bergi. I’m glad we went but for a guy who has Maat’s cap he sure is stubborn about playing RDM/NIN.  We took 3 SMN and Bergi on RDM/NIN. I’d suggested 4 SMN.  Carby pull is by far the easiest but then switch to Shiva. She laughs at Freeze… The fight got hairy, but the joy of SMN is that being weak, doesn’t really matter. One aga caught 2 of us but honestly only because we’d gathered to use a mana powder. If you pick up meds from the NPC at the start and use the Martello, you don’t need fresh.  I think it would have been easier with 4 SMN but it worked and we killed him. Got Brach a Glyph Axe for his BST but the chain didn’t drop for Bergi. Still, we learnt lots. Blizzaga IV hurts. Not Blizzaja…

So I think, I’ve capped my Cure Potency… Should the next update bring more to the Surya’s, it means I can redo probably the headpiece I am wearing. Right now it means I can keep my neck slot for MP or for the Cure Cast neck at some point. Crazy…

Cure Potency Setup

Cure V Potency Setup

The only improvement to this set now is really Augur Hands/Marduk Feet. I have the Feet,  one day the hands 🙂 You cannot believe how happy I am that I added enmity to my Selenian cap…

I leave you with the sentiments of Slaan and I whilst levelling DNC subs… I was 38 initially so we subbed to me.

Levelling DNC - are we there yet?

Levelling DNC - are we there yet?

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2 Comments on “We’re hunting wabbits…..”

  1. August 30, 2010 at 17:33 #

    Wow, nice cape! I guess that’s the WHM (presumed) AF3 accessory?


    • eldelphia
      August 30, 2010 at 19:56 #

      Yep I think so 🙂 I was kinda surprised it dropped. Heard some nightmare stories…


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