Where to find all these new spells

I’ve seen a lot of people finding the scrolls all over the place but the information never seems to get gathered. Here’s what I’ve picked up at least…

Refresh II:  sold by Macchi Gazlitah, Location: Ru’Lude Gardens (H-9) 150k

Ballad III, Carol IIs : sold by the travelling circus, in the first place nation

Sentinel’s Scherzo: sold in the ‘Merry Minstrel’ in Lower Jeuno

Addle, Gains & Boosts: sold in the Goblin Shop in Lower Jeuno

Aero V, Break, Waterja & Stonejar (sp?): sold in Windurst Waters [S] (south) in the magic shop

Animus Augeo Schema & Animus Minuo Schema :  Liske in Bastok Markets [S], L-10 (by the music shop)

Enlight/Endark: Mamaroon, Nashmau at (H-7) – 2nd Floor

Foe Lullaby II: Toji Mumosulah     Kazham (I-8)     Standard Merchant

Myoshu: Ichi & Yurin: Ichi: bought from Solby-Maholby, Norg H-9

Cura II: Brave Ox,Rabao (F-7) or quested from ‘Something in the Air’



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