99 Slimes in the zone…

Temptation to write stupid variations on travel songs is high. Because Bergi and Evilpaul keep making me feel gimp with talk of nuking staves I have been working my way through the thunder one incredibly s l o w l y. Also there are lots of new shinies… and they don’t help! Bergi hit ssome stupid 4k+ number on the KSNM99 Wyrm this weekend!

Still, once I complete my currently trial, my thunder teiwaz will be more powerful than my Jupiters. I have 75 Slimes still to nuke to death. 125 have been squished so far. If I can try and do 25 in a day then by next week I’ll be bitching about being back at the goblin’s beetle camp.

Still, my BLM is 83 and has access to Aero V, which is helping a lot. I really need a Novio and a sorc ring. Ugg pendant is super useful for now but there are new pieces of gear which I need to work on.

WHM is 85 as of last Friday. This is a good thing. Have sort of tested out the Divine Caress thing and am confused but hey, at least I am remembering to use it. Unlike Cure VI. Which I still don’t really need.

Once more people get more Atma, maybe I will.

In other news, Salvage is on hold for now. Since the introduction of AFv3, the interest fell out of the group. We have agreed to review in December should Salvage gear be upgradable. We have decided however to keep a small group format for something, probably abyssea related.

In terms of AFv3, I have picked up the head and legs base pieces for WHM. I’ve done some questing but I am currently trying to work on getting a second celerity abyssite. So I raised my fame in Vunkerl to level 2 last night by trading dead bits of Abyssean wildlife and by running packs from base camp to the Bastion camp. Doing this with Atma of Ambition (ASA) and Mazurka, really helps.  I’m logged outside the maw waiting to go in and hopefully get from level 2 to level 3 tonight. After the third completion of the quest, I actually ran back and got a Caller’s Seal. So my SMN has the potential to upgrade something, should I take it up.

Head seals seem to involved killing NMs realistically as so far I haven’t seen quests repeatable on the galkan sausage stuffing or cookbook tracking level.

Aims of this week:

  • Celerity Abyssite #2 (cos I have almost no stones)
  • Start work on seals for WHM Head and legs
  • Xp BLM to 85 and start on RDM.
  • Finish off the slimes.

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