Took a very, very long time… but we made it

Right now, I am happy and relaxed. We beat Odin. Finally. Quite a few people skipped out on runs recently and 3-4 didn’t show up today who were planned to. We have to deal with them this week. It’s really not acceptable and we may have to drop some peeps from Einherjar. However… we decided f*ck em and went anywaywith 17.

The run was much, much smoother. The tanks did a great job. The mages co-ordinated well. The melee were on the whole, sensible. We had two deaths. One was Kaz when he went a bit nuts, and the second was Xan when he forced Zantetsuken. Other than that it was fantastic. Mart did an exceptional job on the adds.

Our first Odin Drops

Our first Odin Drops

So, those of us who didn’t skip, oversleep, decide to stay up all night or who were unfortunate enough to be away today – are finally Elite Einherjar.

No Adaberks today but we saw a Valhalla helm which made Nia a pretty-kitty :), two crimson scalemail and some shadow trews. Looking forward to next time 🙂

Valhalla Helm

Niamh in his new Valhalla Helm

Oh and 100 Cloth – YAY!


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