Abyssea, fame & abyssites

Well… I’ve been busy. Still only have 2 jobs at 85 and one at 84, after an appalling party in Abyssea Vunkerl.

Whoever said Puks were a good bet for xping on, needs to be shot. The constant spamming of AoE knockback and flash was enough to drive me nuts. They are fairly squishy but only when not flying through the air… We only got one, maybe two time extensions and ended up timing out. I have about 20k to go to finish RDM and then I’ll start work on BRD probably.

We have made good progress with abyssites and atma. I was pleased to discover that my thoroughness with missions paid off. I still need to finish WoTG and the Sandorian rank 6+ missions but otherwise I’m done. So I created an Atma of Ambition and the windy one. Both are fun, depending on what you’re doing at the time.

We took a mid sized group to go kill some NMs for stuff that would improve our time inside Abyssea. So… we killed Warbler.

Man that freaking bug is a PITA. I seriously owed him for killing me three times already when running around the new zones. Twice at the same time and once where I was trying to get out of the rocky area and back towards the main path and didn’t realise how close I was.

He’s a horrible, horrible bug. We had a PLD, DRK, SMN, RDM, WHM, SCH and WAR. We ended up bouncing him between the PLD and Garuda. This way the PLD could lose the Amnesia/Silence aura and actually build hate enough to keep it off the rest of us. Still I ended up zombie-whminga little but we did it. We didn’t have an ideal group for this. I think the only peeps who could take him out really easily are SMN with Garuda. Thankfully the Jade Abyssite of Merit ropped and we all now have more HP and MP.

Then we went off to kill Flame Skimmer in Miseraux and he too dropped his Sapphire Abyssite of Furtherance. +10 to attributes go!

We popped the flytrap NM but he didn’t drop however a quick trip to Latheine did net us Ebon Hoof (30% HP, Sleep resistance).

Getting the Atma of Ebon Hoof from Dozing Dorian (and a MNK mantle for Mart) was fun. I got to be lolmeleewhm. I actually acquitted myself pretty well on the melee front and managed to spam the various club weaponskills we wanted to try to proc the !!

In the end we managed to proc with either frostbite or something which Mart nuked. Pretty sure it was frostbite. Think it dropped on its second pop.

So now we have tons of HP, MP and stats! All of which make for comical numbers and awesome survivability. I do believe this is SE relaxing and letting us play in God mode.

On top of which I’ve been working on fame in Miseraux and Vunkerl. I have started in Attowha but haven’t done that much there yet.

I now have rank 3 fame in both Vunkerl and Miseraux which meant I completed the quest for the celerity abyssite in Vunk and now I can complete the Sojourn and merit abyssite quests in Miseraux. Which will extend the duration on my stones a further 3 mins (think that puts me up to 9?) and will further increase HP and MP.

We’re hoping to take out Mielikki in Attowha to further extend the time on stones, Getting 42 mins every 12 hrs is achievable currently. We need to head out and kill Ovni too for the last sojourn.

Then I can turn my efforts towards improving the drop rates of chests, the destiny abyssites for golden chests; the two fortune abyssites for chests in general and a second kismet for blue chests. Not sure whether to bother with ruby or not.

I learnt how to do the cookbook quest and on the way to rank 3 netted one whm, 2 thf, 2 bst and 1 war leg seal. It’s quick and easy though so doing a couple every day, as well as popping Nms, wouldn’t hurt and will build my fame further.

I’m not doing very well on the completing afv3 stakes. I have a seal each for the head and legs for WHM. I also have one sch and one smn seal. Once all this abyssite business is done, I’ll focus a bit more on that. Trying to get the base WHM feet piece from chests has proved difficult so far…

TL:DR? Abyssea quests and abyssites go.

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