Abyssea Fail

What is it about Abyssea that brings out the /lazy in people?

Last night we killed the rabbit NM in Miseraux to try and get an atma, before heading off to Attowha for xp. The xp alliance was very nearly a disaster. Before it got that bad, Mel managed to upset one of the players who left when he was called on not quite pulling his weight. All this abyssite/atma hunting paid off last night. I ended up switching party after the RDM in the tank party left.

The WHM/RDM didn’t have a nobles, he had sold it when he got his cleric’s briault and used the money to buy an appollo’s staff. No, I don’t follow the logic either. He was a nice enough chap and he did ok, so aside from very, very gently pointing out that he’d be better off with the nobles (in tell) we got along ok. He had a novia earring (free from ls) and was mostly a BLM but it frightens me a little that an 80+ WHM could think like that.

Still, xp in Abyssea isn’t rocket science but 10% less cure potency is a marked disadvantage. Having a well geared, level 85 RDM/SCH in the party too though, should have really made things simple. No, because the RDM/SCH refused to haste the DRK and the MNK because they were using Champion’s drinks. Yes, I know there is icon confusion but the drinks don’t last very long, so even if you could argue you shouldn’t haste them a small percentage of the time… what about the rest? Me, I just haste everyone… And I don’t really see why cures are so radical.

So the WHM has a lowbie PLD (75) to deal with and is doing a reasonable job of hasting him, regens and curagas. Albeit 10% less efficiently. The RDM isn’t hasting the DRK or the MNK. In fact I’m pretty sure the RDM is watching tv/youtube and just doing a batch of stuff every now and then. To be fair to him, he was in another party but it did look like he wasn’t doing much at all. He even moaned about having so many people to refresh. I.e. himself, a pld and a whm with perhaps the occasional nod to the drk.

The SAM in my initial party, said they used sushi…(don’t mention pizza), missed a lot in a Varangian helm and was later caught nomming mithkabob. No death excuse for them.

Anyway, we muddle through, got a couple of times but I was just about ready to time out when Mel just said something to the RDM. The RDM disbanded and warped out without a word. This was someone who on every other occasion I had encountered him I had had a decent level of respect for, but they acted like a complete slacker last night and were at best, distracted.

Nia and Mel

Nia and Mel

Rather than try and replace him in a party that might be failing, I switched over to the tank party, leaving 2 RNG, a sAM and a 76 NIN without a party healer. At this point we were overcapped on Azure but had like 5 pearl… I do get that we didn’t have an optimal setup with Slaan being a level 30 BST chest popper. I was /WHM, not even /SCH. I do have /SCH but I actually in some situations prefer /WHM still. Most of the time /SCH is better though. /WHM isn’t as efficient except when it comes to Curaga’s and a couple of other things. The guy who left, was /SCH.

I started by hasting the DRK and the MNK. Revolutionary. We didn’t change anything else. That alone meant the melee kills came in that bit faster… and suddenly pearl was popping all over the place. Now ok, maybe someone noticed I’d moved and decided they couldn’t slack off but I highly doubt it.

From then on in, the WHM didn’t run out of MP, the adds mostly got slept, the mobs were debuffed and the melee were cured and hasted. Sure, it was busy but I only needed to convert 3-4 times in the entire party and once was cos I CS nuked a mob down. We even lost our NIN and still we got more pearl, and times started dropping like candy. We had been down to 10mins…

Walked out of there with some merits, over an hour of time on the clock, rdm levelled and capped and a sense of satisfaction. Please don’t slack off in Abyssea, it really is easy to see.


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