WIDATW: Dynamis Tavnazia & Walk of Echoes

Oh hell, I hate Mondays. I really do. Anyway – before Monday comes a weekend which was full of stuff.

Saturday was fun. Earlier in the day, I helped Kendamarr with the rafflesia NM in Abyssea-Konschtat and on the second or third attempt, it dropped the BST mantle he wanted.

Dynamis ended up being Tav. We’d hoped for Xarcabard but once again the zone got ninja’d. It’s a pain in the butt that we have to go at the weekend because the Asian shells will stay up until crazy o’clock just to get in. Hopefully when the clocks change in a month, it will get easier again as many of the far eastern countries don’t use daylight saving.

So, having seen them go in and knowing they wouldn’t be done until 90 mins after our start time we decided not to wait this time and move.

No one could really face a city this week so that left Glacier or CoP. Glacier was taken and that left us at CoP.

Everyone wanted to do Tavnazia but it was a bit early. We’d done Valk recently and so we decided that if we had more than 18 logged on shell, 30 mins before run we’d vote on Bubu or Qufim. However, in the end we had 18 at half past and 10-20 mins later another 5-6 peeps logged in.

We recorded who had showed, to give them priority for next week and then one of our tanks dc’d. So, we ended up letting Niamh come in as he’s working late next week anyway and he was the only tank still on.

Nightmare Makara

Nightmare Makara

We got up to the top floor pretty fast and we started clearing a passage to the bees. We cleared out everything down one passage, and all the eyes above it and towards the time extension. We popped the first time, recleared some and went down to the middle floor to repeat down there.

We managed 15 drops… including 6 pieces of hydra gear. 16 drops in 2 hrs is pretty nice. Kaibelf managed to finish his PUP relic by getting both the hat and the body in the same run!

Silkxiv 6 for 6

Silkxiv 6 for 6

We finally saw Silk’s freaking Cleric’s mitts. These have been bugging me for ages. We’ve only ever seen 2 pairs of them before and both went to players who later quit. In fact one player pretty much lot them and then quit. It wasn’t even a completion piece, it just happened they only dropped on the one run Silk couldn’t make. Our awesome taru has been sitting at 5/6 for ages…

We also completed my SMN relic set which I was over the moon about. I need to be able to store the bloody stuff! No one else was main lot SMN, so was nice to lot uncontested on the horn.

Niamh walked away with Hydra Mouffles and Slaan with the Hydra Brayettes. Which makes a nice bonus for our PLDs. We saw three pairs of Hydra brais… I’ve had a pair for years but hadn’t seen them elsewhere lol. The last piece was the tiara with potency on.

Orison Base Pieces

Orison Base Pieces

After Dynamis a bunch of us went to Attowha for xp. We had an epic 6 hr party. Honestly, it was too long but we managed 230k+ xp and my BRD went from 20k into 80 to almost capped at 85. We also pulled in a ton of key items and some feet. Including WHM! I was the only one lotting them too, so now I have the three base pieces for WHM and only a total of 3 seals for them. Still seals can be got slowly.

I failed miserably on getting the last trial for my thunder/varuna’s staff done. I’ve still got 225 funguar to kill… And now that WHM and RDM are both 85 I should +1 my Surya’s staff.

Anyway, essentially Saturday evening was long…

Sunday I was pretty busy elsewhere but the usual evening of Einherjar and something else… resulted in an easy Wing 1 win and some Walk of Echoes. Crabs pwned us whilst we worked out what had changed but we beat the slimes easily. Was nice 🙂

Walk of Echoes

Walk of Echoes

Lots of shiny accessories for our mages and some coins for our melee. seemed to cheer everyone up a lot that we could do it. Pretty sure that the crabs are doable, we just messed around too much at the start.

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