No l00t please, we’re British.

Recent conversations have made me think a lot about personal responsibility and empathy in the gaming environment. The community aspect to MMO’s is the key to people handing over their money on a monthly basis. Linkshells form from hopefully like-minded or perhaps similarly –obsessed individuals.

The problem is when you consider the linkshell as a service provider. With the exception of mercenary groups, you don’t pay a linkshell to procure stuff for you. Linkshells are usually built on friendship, greed and a general acceptance that getting stuff or killing big monsters happens better in a group of people who have learnt to play together.

Sure, if the linkshell doesn’t deliver over time, then I can see an issue but the issue is one of what you want, versus the rest of the community.

These are real people. People with jobs, family commitments, kids, other hobbies, studies and sickness.

These are people who have mums, dads, kids and friends. They need to wash the car, pick up groceries, change diapers and maintain decent relationships with their friends and family, as well as their employer.

We all get caught up with what’s going on in our own worlds. Whether it’s escaping stuff that’s not much fun out there in real life, or just jumping in headfirst into the new content to be the first.

But there aren’t just 20-30 other people out there playing like you. There are all those people and their jobs, or studies, their cats, their kids, their families. Sometimes you have to remember that. You have to step back and remember that you’re in the middle of a larger group of people than you really think of. It’s why I get so angry when people mess others around.

You’re not paying any of them to be there. So, if they don’t have all their jobs levelled in 3 days after the latest level cap raise, it’s because they haven’t had time to play or quite frankly they don’t want to. Perhaps they’re tired after long days at work or sick or have small kids to look after. Maybe their wife/gf/dad needs the pc. Maybe they’re going out in a while and don’t want to commit to an abyssea party. Maybe they’re sick and can’t always stay awake as long as they’d like.

Maybe for them, Abyssea isn’t something to be raced through to get back to other stuff. Maybe they want to enjoy it. Maybe the freedom of doing quests for awesome armour is fantastic for them. Maybe they’re not that bothered about the armour yet, preferring to work on it slowly so they don’t get burnt out. Maybe they enjoy the challenge of new fights or quests. Maybe they don’t have any stones or for them having 15 jobs at 85 makes them happy.

Other people’s goals are different. but there are lots of other people in any shell. Often one person posts up and others jump on it. Maybe that’s what the forum is for. Older content is still of interest to people it’s just right now the one thing any of us hear is whatever came out at the last update. The rest of the server is full of people who all want different things. They all just finished levelling that last job, or beating ASA or building that pop set.

The linkshell isn’t there to deliver everything you want. Any good linkshell certainly cares enough about its members to want to see them achieve their goals however; a certain amount has to come from you too.  Sometimes that includes a little patience.

If you want to complete an empyrean weapon, do the groundwork. That doesn’t mean saying ‘I want’ in linkshell. That means xping day and night in a zone to get the pop items or planning runs so that the shell can make the most of the time. I’d happily participate in 25-40 kills of an NM if Ure was working his butt off for the Masumume he’s dreaming about.

It’s like relic weapons, when we looked at setting up a dynamis shell we had to make a realistic assessment of who actually could generate enough gil to ensure runs happened every week for up to 2 years. When the glass price was 1m… that wasn’t actually that many people.

If you want to do an event we’re not currently running, how about asking around and seeing if anyone else feels the same? In my shell if enough people want to do it, we’ll run it. The issue comes when the people who say they want to do it, don’t show up. All a shell can do is take that as a majority vote against the event. Sometimes, all it takes is a break. And hell, if it really is so important to you that you do it? Then talk to us, we’re not evil. Maybe you can run with another group as long as it doesn’t clash with anything important?

Limbus is one for us – I know there are people who are interested in the odd run, we’ve even been occasionally. If you want to do a limbus run, why not ask if anyone else does or even better, shoot a tell or make a post and just go. Chances are there are people who do. We don’t do Limbus as a shell organised event because most people stopped showing up for the farming runs but doesn’t mean we’ll never do a farming run again. In fact what it does is give the control back to small groups and say ok, it’s up to you.

Everyone makes choices about how they play this game. Whether we play with or against others. I like to think within the shell we on the whole play with. Some days though it really wears me down that members of the shell don’t seem to believe that.


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One Comment on “No l00t please, we’re British.”

  1. thermistocles
    September 29, 2010 at 20:02 #

    Even though im not in your shell or server to say the least but well put. The only way a group can survive is with teamwork and compromises


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