Updating everything all over again.

I can’t actually keep on top of all the new gear right now. I’m not even attempting to gear all 7 jobs right now. I’m trying to focus on pieces which make a difference to several jobs or to key jobs. The problem is, right now I’m using different jobs… WHM will always be number one. That’s the easy one.  RDM has become increasingly useful, whether I like it or not. BLM doesn’t get used as much as it did, but that goes in cycles anyway.  SMN has come out far more than it has in ages and I’m glad it’s now 85. I thought I had resigned myself to leaving SCH and COR behind. Alas, no. COR is still the most likely to get dropped but now I doubt it.

I’m just under halfway to finishing my Surya’s Staff +1. I have something like 97 lightsday kills to do and I am done. Thanks to the help from Kaibelf & Martinius. By which point I suspect my SCH will be complete as it is now 83… I managed to complete my WHM Afv3 legs at the same time as Kenda finished his THF. Not much progress on the headpiece, I really need to focus.

Orison Pantaloona +1

Orison Pantaloona +1

In an Abyssean experimental party last night we discovered that breaking xp for Bastion works really well… your xp doesn’t reset! We decided to focus on trying to farm up gold chests for feet. To do this we figured that we needed to improve the overall status of the zone. So, whenever the Prefect’s message came up, we ported back to 00 and tried to help in the fight. By the end of our evening the martello cores were in a much better state. We alas only saw 2 pairs of shoes but one made a tarutaru very happy 🙂 Grats to Eiden on his PUP AFv3 feet.

Cirque Scarpe

Cirque Scarpe

I won the COR feet which dropped.  Neph had to leave early and so wasn’t there to lot them when they fell. It was down to Aljant and I, neither of which play COR enough really to justify them but there was literally no one else. At least my COR does see daylight occasionally.

Navarch's Bottes

Navarch's Bottes

We ended up with 150+ mins of time, more xp than we’d hoped (because of the extra from Bastion) and a fun evening under our belt. We got a ton of key items too.

On the way out, we took part in a Bastion battle and saw the Iron Giant up. I decided (as most peeps were off to bed and didn’t seem bothered) to test out how well SCH helices work. Suffice to say I discovered they work very well… Especially when coupled with the Atma of Ambition. Fast Cast, movement speed and refresh – total win.  After a short while, Mel and Slaan came to my aid. Ure showed up a bit later.  I don’t think I could solo him before he raged but duo I think is entirely possible. The accessories dropped, alas no Pluviale.  Would have been nice but I was more pleased we actually killed him.  Slaan was pleased with his new belt and Mel got lucky on both BLU & DNC accessories as she’s the only one who could use.

Aside from that? Well I’m still occasionally killing Funguar to get my level 80 staff but I hates them so I’m avoiding a bit.  We’ve been collecting a ton of Atma and Abyssites and wow do they make a difference. We need to go kill Ovni and get his (as well as shinies) to cap out on 12 mins extra per stone.

We did a bunch of Tav for Dynamis over the last couple of weeks. We’re back to a city zone this week. Einherjar wins are getting ridiculous. We may slot in an extra Wing I so that our newer members can come along to Odin next time. Have also had some fun doing things like Divine Might, mission 5-1 etc and remembering there is life outside Abyssea…

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