Last couple of weeks in a nutshell

Wow, hectic time out here in the real world for the last couple of weeks, so no time for much other than flyby blogging. Sorry for the random short posts flagging up useful or interesting things I’ve seen, I didn’t have much time for much else.

Like most people, I’ve been living in Abyssea but I must admit to getting a bit burnt out. So a couple of days off has been good.  Especially when they involve theatre trips!

In game, we managed a weird but vaguely productive Xarc run. Everyone seemed out of sorts and peeps were all playing the wrong jobs. Still we walked away with a few nice trophies including a Duelist’s Chapeau for Silkxiv and I completed my COR relic set and completely lootwhored it out that run. It always seems to work out that way for me. Nothing for a while and then bam! Three pieces at once. OK… one was an open lot BST piece which no one wanted AT ALL, so I spent points on it for Mitch and then discovered it completed his BST relic.

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

Eld and Kai 5 for 5

BRD pants dropped and unfortunately Bailie was on vent but not yet in Dyna.  So they dropped but she couldn’t get there in time. This was at the start of the run but she was running a bit late. Figures that would happen L Bawb and I lotted, I won and thus began my lootwhoring for the day.

Einherjar, we ran out a quick Wing I again for the new peeps so we can have as many for Odin as possible. We all know Einherjar might become less desirable if  they obsolete the E body next update but there are still rare pieces out there which peeps want and a few still need the title. It’s nice going to the event pretty much assuming we’re going to win now. Odin #3 on Sunday and another not far behind.

Cirque Sash

Cirque Sash

In abyssea terms,  I completed the WHM AFv3 +1 pants by spamming cookbook quests and killing NMs with and for the group.  I bugged the hell out of peeps to help me with NMs for head seals. We made sure we rotated through a few NMs but I probably owe a few favours. Still we did see BLM, SCH, COR, RDM, DNC, THF, BRD, BLU and WAR seals at least in the process so I don’t feel awful. I passed most other crap if someone  else could use.  Managed to kill a few Iron giants and pick up some accessories for a few people.

Goetia mantle

Goetia mantle

NIN and WAR subs are respectable for 85 but not yet done for 90. DNC still needs to level up. Really not sure I can face.

We tried feet farming in Vunkerl and did amazingly well out of it.  The abyssite/atma farming we have done in recent weeks has really helped. You notice it so much with chests.  As I was /DNC I went with the TH/Samba Atma and added to luck with gold/blue chests it seemed to help.  We saw 6 pairs of feet drop.

Augmented Diamond Ring

Augmented Diamond Ring

One shiny augmented item came out of a box during our vunkerl feet farming session… a diamond ring. This time it wasn’t a piece of crap. 4 of us randomed and I won it. Int +7 on a ring… for free. /goodbye snow ring.

We’ve also completed an Attowha zone pop and once we can get a points system in place for +2s we’ll go ahead with it.

We’re working on Ure’s black belt – just need the KSNM99 for KB done. Hopefully tonight.  I’ve helped out with the odd Windy mission for Stun and Mart. Oh and levelled up Synergy a bit more to 50. Still need to finish.

Think I’ve decided to upgrade my marduk body. It’s a bit of a gamble but prices for ingots are low right now. Obviously new gear may make it a piece of rubbish but I love the piece and the way it looks. Should Salvage gear become upgradable I would imagine ingots will never be as cheap again. Of course should something else come out, they may plummet further.  As KD has generously allowed me to use his smithing mule to craft them it could cost me as little as  2.4m. Nia is lending me some gil so I can do it (I have some, but not all).

Walk of Echoes is gearing all of our mages in so much hMP gear it’s silly. I’ll have to update my gear sets soon.


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