Ranty McRant of the Clan McRant

I’m floundering a bit with all the new content. I feel pressured to keep up. I play more than most and yet I find myself unable to keep up. I think the best thing to do is to take a step back and stop trying. To an extent I’ve started this process and so the only thing I’m worrying about to any great extent is completing WHM AFv3 +1s. I will eventually move onto +2s I guess but right now that’s next week/month/year’s problem.  I have completed the hat and pants in terms of +1s. I have the base feet for WHM and am 1/8 on seals.

But there’s the feeling that I *need* to be doing something in Abyssea practically 24/7 to keep up. I don’t and the pressure is coming in part from me and in part from Square Enix.

Because the event is time-restricted, even with 2 stones a day it’s quite possible to use them all up. Especially if you bothered to do stuff before the update and so didn’t have much stored time. Right now I’m usually sitting on 3-4 stones in my key items but not much stored.

What I really don’t like seeing is the greed.  I’m not immuneto it, but I’ve begun to see it for what it is. The pressure feels  heavier than it really is, so you compete more.  I was a bit frustrated in a shoe-farming party the other day that commonsense doesn’t prevail. If your job is not even finished, let alone appropriately geared – why are you lotting shoes against a career-job player who is 85 and has all the appropriate gear/weapons/ammo/instruments to perform their job well? Especially if you never play that job? ‘Shoes are rare, will never see a pair again ohnoez! MUST TAKE NAO!’

Wtf? Why not buy a wind torque or a mary’s horn and finish xping and skilling up? Because that career brd with a g horn who plays it almost exclusively will make more and better use out of those shoes than you will.  But on the other hand, you’ve levelled that job and want to use it, who am I to say ‘don’t lot’. It was hard not to say something. I did in the end but I made one comment and dropped it. No, being a relic holder doesn’t entitle you to anymore than anyone else but it sure is an indicator that you’re slightly more committed to the job than an 83 BRD who hasn’t got the basics down right yet.  But Square Enix designed it so it’s a PITA to get feet and so peeps jump on them anytime they see em. I really could see both sides of the story.

Peeps may be surprised to hear I’ve passed up shoes and seals. Yes, I’ve completely obsessed over the WHM headpiece but in the process we did get an awful lot of people an awful lot of seals and I made sure of that. I tried not to bug peeps who didn’t need anything from the NMs and we did do a fair amount of other NMs whilst out there to ensure others got a fair shot.

I’m beginning to resent Abyssea and I find large groups inside it, a real hassle. People see a feet farming session and can’t wait to jump on the gravy train. We spend two hours farming, having killed Ephemerals for lights and yet, that counts for little.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to help people rather than not and on the whole the linkshell group is doing ok but there’s a lot of people who I think, like me, just prefer to go out and xp/farm/nm with friends they can trust to not screw them over.

And another thing…!

The other thing bugging me right now is constant afking. It’s not usually an issue for us but recently it’s become one. I’m not even talking about in Abyssean xp parties. I’m talking about at events.  We have a real issue with a couple of players right now and I’m fast getting to the end of my tether.

I completely understand that the real world intervenes and that external pressures mean that sometimes you just have to afk. The longer the event, the more often this is likely to happen.  So communicate. Sure if the kitchen is on fire, well go save it. However, coming to events just to afk for 10-15 mins at a go or for 5-10 mins almost constantly isn’t fair on anyone else.

We have one guy who has family commitments and afks a lot during dynamis. He thinks we don’t notice. Sometimes he apologises. Seriously? Just log off.

We have another guy who has afking down to an artform. He’s a great guy, good player but honestly at times is more of a pain than is worth it.  When he’s there and focused, you couldn’t ask for more.  However he seems to think that holding up group events or being afk throughout dynamis is perfectly fine. It isn’t.   As we found out recently in Xarc.

If you can’t focus, don’t be there. If your partner/pet/children/family/kitchen/lawn need your attention LOG THE HELL OFF and don’t half arse it.

When you plan timed nukes based on x many people casting… then 2 people being afk? Not good. One person being afk? Not good.

I don’t mind nor care if you can’t make it. Just don’t bother coming to an event if your priorities are elsewhere. You do a half-assed job and it’s really fucking irritating. At least communicate so we know it may be the case. If you say ‘sorry guys, there’s a lot going on at home right now, I am going to be a bit distracted’ then we can make the decision as to whether we can carry you and which role you can perform .

Gah, this turned out more ranty than it should have.  Had a lot of fun surprising Kenda with a quick CoP mission the other day. It’s kinda fun to do when its easy and there’s no pressure. I’m really proud of my work on CoP but helping someone else get through who just struggled isn’t actually all that bad.

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