The To-Do list

Right, I’m trying to find things to do which aren’t ALL Abyssea. This is almost impossible.  I’ve been using SMN a lot recently, especially for small pet groups. It’s a lot of fun.  I have the caller’s pendant from the Iron Giant and have really been enjoying putting my gear to good use. SMN was the second job I levelled but got outstripped by BLM and BRD in terms of usefulness. Now it has a role again. Encouraged somewhat by Kendamarr and the whole PUP/BST/SMN army we have now. Everyone is levelling a pet job…

So when I get home, I’m going to open up another merited BP and actually plan on finishing my SMN merits. I have quite a few but I haven’t finished them. I  only have one of the merited BPs and I want Heavenly Strike and Windblade. The atma add so much to them now.

Had some fun last night.  Poked Kenda to go to Sacrarium and get the next CoP mission done.  It was ridiculously easy and laid back. I really enjoyed it.  Almost as much as getting two swiftbelts done before heading out to Boyada with Bergi.  I went to nuke down some Funguar (got another 90 out the way!) with Bergi’s help and the rest of the group managed to get one more belt (for Tibi) before leaving. Promy vahzl next for Kenda, shouldn’t take long and then its some running around.

Thanks to KD and Niamh, I am now 6/12 on ingots for a Salvage body. Whilst it isn’t as uber as Morrigan’s I think I am going to upgrade my Marduk. I have the pieces for it and SMN, BRD and WHM can use it. It means being in debt to Nia for a while and taking a risk on the piece being completely devalued but I figure at 2.5-3m it’s worth the risk. If Salvage bodies become upgradable, then the price on ingots will never be as low. If it they’re not, well hell, I’ll still have a nice BRD body for debuffs and a better idle/enfeeble piece for WHM.  The Fast cast is nice too.  I don’t really have the heart to work on a Morri body, even though it’s uber. More likely to see something from MM or Abyssea. There’s been a certain interest in going back to Salvage again. I think we’re missing the group and the feeling of achievable goals to work towards where we work together rather than against.

Had a great chat about Abyssea last night and +2 armour. We simply have so many issues to contend with in shell that deciding how to go about allocating drops is a headache. Learnt a lot from Dyna, wouldn’t do a points system in quite the same way again.

Carabosse Drops

A lot of interest in Atma hunting right now and getting a second lunar Abyssite.  We managed to get the Atma from Carabosse for MP, MND and –ENM. We failed to kill the Iron Giant for Razed Ruins but we came pretty close.  Hard to proc the !! on him though as everything he does is a JA. We should get him down next time, with a tweaked strategy.

Odin Fight

Odin Fight

We beat Odin again, only to get the world’s shittiest pool. It was nice to see a Hofud for Don and we did get a Shadow coat but man, D feet and the Odin abj set head for WAR/PLD/DRK was frankly a kick in the teeth. Let’s pray we see an E Body/A Body/M Body next time. Lovely to win most zones in 10-15 mins and be done though. Honestly 2 E bodies would make my year. Yes, I’d like the dalmy but I’d like to see Melee in E bodies  more.

Shit Odin drops

Shit Odin drops

I’ve learnt about people and points systems over the last few years. Mostly how NOT to do things.  Long discussions between Slaan and I on vent (and later Mel and Ure too) brought that all out. Being fair is freaking hard.

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