Fish! Today’s fish is orobon a la creme. Please enjoy your meal!

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been busy at work and in game but I just haven’t felt much like posting.  No drama, just have other things to do – damn work for being hectic!

Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Gathering inside for Walk of Echoes

Well we’ve finally caved in and are doing some Walk of Echoes. I still REALLY don’t like the way SE has done things in regards to loot distribution and keeping the zones open but our melee need weapons and our mages quite like hMP gear. Yes, ok so we spend most of our lives in #2 because its easy but we have dabbled in #1 and #5. I’ve added my feedback about the event to various threads.

So Slaan is trying to take over the world or something and is constantly on a mission and Ure is finally out of his /emo phase about how he’ll never be the uberrest samurai in all samurailand and so we’ve been having fun collecting coins for them and other peeps in the shell. To be fair,  they both work pretty hard so we don’t mind! Kaz, Tibi and Fattie are doing pretty well too. Oh and big grats to our galka who is getting married this weekend!

Conflux 5

Conflux 5

Slaan has taken to loitering in WoE at most hours and at last count needs 1-2 more coins to complete his weapon. In a 6 man run the other day I actually made it to 4th place and got a chest of my own! ZOMG! It cheered me up a bit. We tried the wyvern/hydra zone and honestly, I think it’ll be fine but we seriously had no idea how the area worked and completely underestimated the Hurrican Wyverns. When their breath attack oneshots your tank with over 2k HP then um…. rethink! We learnt pretty quickly but not fast enough.  We’ll be back Natrix…


We moved the shells to Guildwork /cheer! Which helps my sanity, is fun for all involved and seriously seems to be ‘win’ for most peeps. Countdown timers  for events /cheer.  Guildwork is pretty useful for any sized group, lowman or 24/7 HNMLS – I’d really recommend it. Even if I upset my blog readers from Sylph when confused over a friend request… Sorry Feary! Has support for XI, XIV, Aion and WoW right now – not sure if more is planned but that covers most of us. I have my XI characters and my lil XIV character on there. She gets out about twice a week right now.


We rolled over Bastok entirely with a double clear. We only got the win because we needed more mobs to kill.  Prices on currency are dropping steadily though which is a shame. I hope they stabilise but honestly, I don’t see many more relics being generated. I’d hate to be anyone trying for a mythic right now. I don’t remember the last time I saw alexandrite for sale.

We’re trying to finish up people’s sets in case all interest in dynamis just dies once the next update hits.  Despite over 5 years of it, I still love the event… and I have no earthly idea why. However it really does go on a bit.

Magian Trials & Abyssea

Haven’t really started work on WHM AFv3 +2 yet but have started work on my feet. They’ve been sitting in my invent for a while now… I have one seal to show for it but there are various plans afoot to get them done. Eventually.

Orobon Boss NM

Orobon Boss NM

We killed Cirein-somethingorother last night. He’s the quest-boss for Abyssea-Miseraux. He’s a freaking walk in the park. If you don’t have a second lunar abyssite (we didn’t), I completely and utterly recommend getting a pop for him. Kite/Nuke or Kite/ranged DD – over in 20mins.  I figure 3 mages could do it in 10. Especially with a second atma. I expect to hear stories of a RDM/NIN  or /SCH soloing him shortly.

Cirein Drops


I gave up trying to be all inclusive when so few popped on last night for Abyssea. We have multiple small groups doing different stuff. We’ll just try and include some of the bigger stuff for the weekends so that as many as possible can benefit.

Lunar abyssite

Lunar abyssite

Was really nice to get the second lunar abyssite. We then went on to kill the Gnole NM in latheine for quest peeps and managed to proc the red !! for the Atma. One which will be really nice for SMN, has attack and MAB. Full of win.

On Sunday we have a Kulkulcan and hopefully (if we can proc the !!) an Eve pop. These should grant a nice atma or two and some shiny drops for everyone. Of and of course a lunar abyssite for those who still need a second.

After Abyssea, Bergi bugged me to go do some more Funguar for my staff trial. He’s been so generous with his time over this. He knows full well that I hate these freaking staff trials and has tried to make various stages easier. He’s not the only one but he’s the major one.  When I arrived in Boyada, I had 106 left to kill. We finished it up and helped a DNC in the process.

Indra's Staff

Indra's Staff

Various funguar ended up being named… because Bergi seemed to be on first-name terms with them all. Signs he’s spent way to much time down there…  So now I have a second lantern on a stick to bop mobs over the head with. The last stage to +1 it, should be over pretty quickly. I  *should* move onto an Ice staff… Not sure I can face it.  Perp down staves for SMN (at least a dark and wind one…) should happen too but I doubt they will.

BLM Gear

BLM Gear (with augmented Diamond Ring)

I managed to complete my RDM afv3 +1 pants, almost by accident. After shoving large amounts of sausage down a galka for a while I got a bit burnt out when there was a period of about 30 quests where he didn’t want to play. Then I went in one night, did the quest 6 times (about 2-3mins per run) and got 5 seals, 3 of which were RDM! Job. Done.

So now I have some godly nuking/MP pants. For RDM.

I have a satchel full of random seals for SMN, SCH, RDM and BLM. I should get cracking on some new pieces. I need more free time to plot my course.


Its going ok, but there is much QQing over the future. So we’ve committed to two more Odins at least and then we will review with the shell once we know the score about Heroes and the next Abyssea chapter. The upshot is, if we still need emoberks, we’ll do Odins. If we don’t, we won’t. I wrote a whole post about in on the new Nova blog.

In other News:

Kenda has now complete Promy vahzl thanks to a quick fight with a small group of us.  Some of us are going to pwn Odin for Pharm later and perhaps make some more progress on WoTG. Slowly we’re pushing through those missions and may even have caught up by the time the next update hits.

Drunk Ere was drunk.

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