Wow, what a crazy weekend.

Dynamis Beaucedine

We went back to try and finish off sets and finish them we did. Five people completed sets this weekend including me.   Bawb got done with BST, Mart with BLM, Josiey and Epic on SAM and me with BRD.  I almost got to the point of throwing my BRD relic away because it takes up space but no, it’s done now and I can store it. After almost 5.5 years of Dynamis I have one piece of relic left to get to complete all the sets I can use right now, RDM hands. I think this is the piece most people need so it may take a while.

5 for 5s

5 for 5s

The run was relatively effortless. It’s nice just to roll over everything and meleeing statues (try it if you don’t already) makes it a lot faster. We don’t use a RDM up front much anymore. Payouts won’t be as crazy high as last session but they’ll be decent.

Abyssea Attowha

We tried out a Slaan/Bergi feet-farming Attowha party after Dynamis. This involved us going out with BLM, BLM, DRK, RNG and a d-boxed RDM/WHM. We farmed some lights on Ephemerals and whilst Slaan and KD ran around soloing more, Bergi and I started on worms.

Let me point out here how much I love now having two lunar abyssite! On Thursday  the showing for Abyssea was small and so the 5 of us went out, farmed up the key item we needed and then popped and killed the zone Boss for Miseraux.  Which netted us some +2 items and a second lunar abyssite for completing the quest. So on Saturday,  Slaan and I, were able to abuse two atma.

Atma and the abyssites we’ve collected really make a huge difference to your fun levels in Abyssea.  So we farmed Worms, ended up giving away two pairs of shoes (THF, MNK) to friends and not seeing any WAR, RDM or BLM shoes which we actively needed. But it was fun. We only aga’d Tejas once >.>

Abyssea Konschtat

After Einherjar on Sunday we took a break and then gathered for Abyssea Konschtat. We had a huge showing for this as we had a popset for Kukulcan and by extension, Eccentric Eve. Beating the peiste would net anyone who still needed, a second lunar abyssite.  The goal with Eve was to get the atma and give our melee some crazy fun.

It was totally worth it.

Comedy Marlboro Moments

Comedy Marlboro Moments

We kicked Peiste butt AND Marlboro butt.  One missed stun though and we were left with charmed marlboro ls members… Walked away with two new atma, various abyssites and some shinies.


A few of us were really up for killing more and Ure is working on Masamume so we went to kill Cara for him and for some of the peeps who didn’t yet have the Atma of Allure. You can’t argue with 30% MP, 30 MND and -30ENM.

Carabosse had been a bit of a pain. We killed her in under  5 mins and she didn’t get a chance to Bene.  Voracious Violet is full of WIN.  Ure is pretty excited that he may actually be able to get Masa :0)

Walk of Echoes

Last thing before bed we went back to Walk of Echoes. Slaan had been close to completing his scythe all week but couldn’t get the last coin.  We managed to do that, just before bedtime and this resulted in one happy DRK and a Penitence +1



Busy, busy, busy.

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