AFv3 – Pics and comments

Well… WHM got off lightly. I kinda like it and it’s not nearly as cutsie as the AF or Relic. BLM looks like he’s going out to dinner and probably with his cheap friend the DNC who can’t afford a decent tux.

SE wussed on THF and didn’t give them the robe or tunic or something they needed to go with those pants. WAR, DRG and DRK kinda got left out with very ‘meh’ interpretations of their existing armour. Not terribad but a bit dull.

I hate the BLU. Looks like the guy is prepping for surgery. Also, was it really necessary to make SCH’s JSE even MORE ugly? The body isn’t too bad but the overall effect is horrendous.  And wtf with the bad colouring on the COR gear? Looks shabby as all hell -absolutely hate it.

Apparently all the best dressed SAM wear pink. It’s ok but like PLD not awe inspiring. BST is kinda getting there but the best bit is definitely the helm. I like that they’ve toned down PUP a little with a plainer body. NIN is about what I expected. SMN and RNG are both full of win! I really like the look for both of them.

MNK I couldn’t give a crap about but Ure’s happy with the stupid pants. RDM is super masculine but it always has been. I like everything about BRD except the hat but it’s beautiful otherwise. The hat is v silly.

So there, before we’re burdened with gear we don’t like cos it has stats we’d kill for… is Eld’s aesthetic appraisal of AFv3!


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