I r interloper. A real post!

Well ok, no real updates for a while. I’ve been busy both in work and in game. So, here I am. We’ve done a few things I’m pretty proud of recently. Let’s start with the weekend.

On Friday night a group of us went to manaburn worms in Attowha in the hope of getting some feet to drop. Bergi (cat) has been getting super stressed about upgrades and we had a few WARs who needed. We killed over 1100 worms… and we saw 13 pairs of shoes which thankfully included the three WAR we needed, a lot of THF, a few WHM and one pair of RDM and BLM. I passed to Bergi as he’s the pro RDM and BLM and he was 8/8 on seals.

Of course when we went back the following TWO evenings we could only get more THF, more WHM and more MNK and WAR. So now I’m getting emo about BLM feet. Which I really need! If nothing else, I can finally store my Yigit!



On Saturday, we went with our plan of not worrying about dyna zones too much until the day. Every time we plan, something changes so, we’re not worrying too much. We try and include at least one city each session (a session is 4 weeks) for gil and to mix things up. We do include CoP zones and of course Icelands. I’m going to talk about Silkxiv a little bit, later but knowing it was his last day was one of the reasons I wanted to do Xarc if we could.

I didn’t pin my hopes on it but was hoping. I’d decided personally if we did Xarc, then we’d go for the Dynamis Lord. Usually, we don’t bother. But with the update coming and Silk leaving, I felt it was time we did.

So… we got through the NMs pretty easily. I wish we could somehow get our BLMs together. When it works well, they’re amazing but we all seem to mess up time nuking sometimes. Still we got the eyes down pretty fast, the NMs were taken care of and we suddenly had a ton of time. Some peeps went back and changed jobs whilst the rest of the alliance cleared all the dragons including Ying & Yang. We learnt from our last mistake and formed everyone up at the top. We really didn’t have many people, with only one real DD party, a tank/CS stun party and a couple of others/healers. We buffed the melee to hell and back with Soul Voiced songs and Perfect Defense and went nuts.

60s later and the Dynamis Lord is nothing but a smear on the ground… and we’re starting at a Shadow Ring and a Montiont Silverpiece. It was an awesome fight! Mart got the kill 🙂  I think Oblivion Smash nearly went off or did go off at the end, but we had enough peeps going to finish him. The two BLMs nuked their hearts out 🙂

I can’t express how much it means to me. Not because actually the Dynamis Lord is a particularly hard fight. It can still go wrong, he can be super nasty and there is an element of luck involved but because I’d never beaten him before. I did three years of Dyna with Liquidswords and I think we only ever poked him once for fun. We were going to try it, but then there was some internal drama and we didn’t think we had enough people.

In Nova, we’ve tried a couple of times before but not managed it. One was impromptu where we got him to 30%, the second we messed up the pull and got him down to 11ish anyway. But standing there, with the title I got an enormous amount of satisfaction knowing it was done. I think we kinda agreed that we have to beat Tav now.

I’ve been part of a group which nearly did that til someone pretty much screwed us out of the win at 1% and I really feel a rematch is necessary. It’s almost pointless but I’d like the title there too. And Tav is fun! So there’s another one of my all time goals complete. In fact with Odin, Dynamis Lord, Pandemonium Warden and Baha v2 done, I need some new goals! I guess AV might be up next and perhaps some Wyrm hunting 😀

Einherjar is routine now. We engaged and killed Freke so fast that our Wing III was over and done before we really noticed. We then tried to get Razed Ruin for the shell but man I am beginning to hate this mob. We can’t proc red! We’ve gotten Minnkin Monstrosity, Voracious Violet, Sanguine Scythe and other atma. We know what to do. But can we get this guy to proc? Can we hell. We’ve tried kiting, holding, stunning, not stunning. We’ve had melee on the ramp as it runs past with the kiter keeping it moving and yet somehow we can’t proc it. I feel like we’re doing it wrong. That we’ve missed something. We proc reds all over the place. We’ve got a whole HEAP of atma but not this one. Answers on a postcard please…

At least we got another SAM back, this time for Ure, a SCH chain for Kai and the rare drop of Bustle Dirs which Slaan won. Then more feet. Don’t talk to me about feet. I look forward to the update where the shoe drop rate will be improved. Still I have WHM done and a couple of others.

If I really wanted to I could get RDM hat done (I have the legs and my Duelist Chapeau so its hard to be bothered) and work on BLM legs/hat. I will. Just right now I want BLM feet! At least I have SMN feet . I love SMN in Abyssea, it rocks. My merits for WHM, BLM and RDM are all capped. SMN is 10merits from being done and has all the meritable BPs. Now just to complete the last two upgrades. I’ve even thrown in more merits into BRD. I think once SMN is done, I’ll work on SCH merits. I actually found myself wanting a particular JA the other day which I know I can get from merits. I’m beginning to see that however much I love BRD; I rarely ever get to play it. BLM, WHM, SMN and RDM are just too useful. We’ll see what the update brings but I’m more and more focusing on WHM, BLM, RDM and SMN. COR I think can’t go much further. I like it but I never use it. And it was a chore to xp this time. SCH I love but I don’t use it much. I say this but I hate having gimped jobs… COR is the prime drop candidate right now though with BRD and SCH in the wings.We’ll see.

So Odin next week. Knowing our luck we’ll get another D feet, some W bodies and a Hofud we don’t need. However should we strike it rich then I’m up for a Dalmy. Not that really it’s the world’s best piece now they owned it with Pluviale but I’d like it. It is eminently possible that I will go through the entirety of our Einherjar epic with nothing but a title to show for it. But you know what? I’m pretty cool with that. I’ll deal.

I have a bunch of screenshots to edit and publish, I’ll try and get them done this week 🙂

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One Comment on “I r interloper. A real post!”

  1. November 30, 2010 at 01:52 #

    Congrats on the DL win!! We just got it for our linkshell recently as well, and it’s great to finally get that goal marked off the check list!


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