Curing for other mages

I wrote the world’s quickest guide on my ls forum for our RDMs and SCHs.  So I thought I’d repost here.  Especially in lighgt of the fact that RDM and SCH are not getting Cure V this update.

Eventually they may give RDM or SCH another Cure but the fact is that right now SCH and RDM  have a hard time keeping up with Abyssean HP.  SMN gets carby’s help and a BRD is on almost the same playing field as a RDM now.  DNC and BLU are in fact fast overtaking other forms of healing.

It may be that in the next update we get some Cure Pot Atma or the JSE brings cures into line somehow but a RDM and SCH right now cannot come close to the stupid numbers a pimped or even gimped WHM can put out.

Being a pimped WHM, even without a Korin Obi my Cure VI can hit 1400+ right now and my Cure V 1100ish. A RDM with almost no cure gear is looking at 400 something with cure IV. A SCH, spamming Rapture can hit higher numbers as it increases potency of certain types of white magic spells by 50%. But rapture is dependant on strategem charges.

So… how can you improve your cures right now?

Outside of levelling WHM, the most important and obvious way to improve your cures is to add Cure potency to every slot you can.
This used to be the domain of WHMs but SE opened it up to other jobs. It’s better than straight away adding MND because it overcomes the soft cap on cures. In most cases it beats out quite a heavy amount of MND in that slot.

Cure Potency Gear

Roundel Earring:
Lv. 73 WHM / BLM / RDM / DRG / SMN / PUP /DNC
5% cure potency on your ears. Freaking rare, freaking expensive and no, I didn’t pay 5m for mine. Unlikely but if you have one, or inherit one – use it. Annoys me intensely that SCH can’t use it – but SMN can…

Serpentes Armor Set
Lv. 80 WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN / BLU / SCH
This set is an absolute MUST for any mage who can use it. It helps you on two levels. One it helps keep your MP refreshing constantly and two it adds 5% Cure potency . You might need some help with the Corse but the VNM mob Brooder can be soloed/duoed. Even the course doesn’t need tons of peeps, probably 3-4.

Fylgja Torque
Lv. 75 WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN / PUP /SCH
Useful piece but fairly expensive. Can be synthed.

Augur Gloves
Lv. 79 WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN / SCH
You have no idea how much I want these hands…  not only are they godly for curing but they are godly for enhancing and have a ton of relevant stats on. Apparently the INT may be a typo. Not sure if someone is messing with wiki but its irrelevant in this context
MND +7, Healing magic skill +5, Enhancing magic skill +5 AND  “Cure” Potency +4%


The single biggest favour you can do yourself though is to upgrade a [b]Cure potency staff[/b].  Your trusty light staff can’t begin to compete with these. Even if you only make it to the Teiwaz, you’re adding a free roundel earring to your cures.

75 Staff    Teiwaz Cure Potency +15%     WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH
80 Staff     Surya’s Staff Cure Potency +17%     WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH
85 Staff     Surya’s Staff +1 Cure Potency +20%     WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH

So even if you don’t want to go the whole hog, a serpentes set and an upgraded staff will give you 25% more potent cures.  That’s a 500 cure rather than a 400…

Mini-Expansion Gear

But no, don’t stop there… If you haven’t done the mini expansions or you don’t need your hat/pants for other jobs… consider using them for curing.

Selenian Cap: you can add –ENM, MND, MP – all sorts of things but also Cure potency +3%
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo: again MP, -ENM, movement speed – whatever you want but this time, Cure potency +5%

Suddenly, we’ve found 32% more potent cures… now that’s a lot. It’s possible to get a hell of a lot of Cure potency for RDMs and almost as much for SCH. Cure Potency from gear, caps out at 50%.

  • Roundel: 5%
  • Surya’s Staff +1: 20%
  • Serpentes Set: 5%
  • Selenian Cap: 3%
  • Tatsumaki: 5%
  • Fylgja Torque +1: 3%

Korin Obi

But if you’re serious about curing (and especially if you’re a SCH) you should work on a Korin Obi. This will give you an automatic boost to your cures on lightsday or in light weather.

  • 10% for magic of the day
  • 10% for magic matching single weather
  • 25% for magic matching double weather
  • 35% for magic matching double weather and day

If I had to pick a basic cure set for a RDM starting from some MND and a light staff I would say, grab a staff and start upgrading and go get your serpentes hands and feet. Anything else is a bonus.

Other things to consider:

With all this extra potency you’re going to need to be more careful about ENM. Inside Abyssea, the Atma of Allure is pure win.
Cures are modified by MND and to a much lesser extent VIT.  When looking at gearing for curing, add in MND, -ENM, Fast Cast and Haste. Stay away from –VIT and never cast in a dark staff.
You want haste to reduce the time waiting between cures.   You want –ENM because your cures are going to be drawing attention and unlike WHMs, you don’t yet have access to low ENM unlimited curing.
Never forget the potency of Regens and Curagas. If you’re subbing SCH you’ll miss your curagas but remember you can AoE regen II or III. AoEing cures is major hate though so be careful with your ENM build for Cure IV.

I hope this helps a bit. Cure potency, MND, haste and –ENM will all be your friend when improving your curing capability.


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2 Comments on “Curing for other mages”

  1. Cymmina
    February 21, 2011 at 19:50 #

    You missed the Zodiac Ring for a 3% day bonus. Scholar has Savant’s Bonnet +1 and 2 for a 5% or 10% boost to Rapture/Ebullience.

    With the 90 cap and Heroes of Abyssea, Surya’s caps out at 22%. Twilight’s Cape is also now available for a 5% day/weather boost. With Rapture with Bonnet +1 and Aurorastorm, I can cure over 900 with Cure IV on SCH. This still isn’t good enough for most Abyssea NM fights, but SCH makes an excellent buffer for cleaves (Perpetuance+Accession+Phalanx, Perpetuance+Regen III).


  2. eldelphia
    February 21, 2011 at 23:53 #

    Yep. This was posted before the December update but I agree, SCH is very powerful. Mine is 90 also and I’ve upgraded the bonnet once. I also have the cape and of course the Korin Obi.


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