A couple of nights before Christmas

I haven’t had time to blog fully but I guess that’s the nature of the time of year.  We have no events running for the rest of this week and the weekend. I for one am pleased, cos I’m knackered.

So what have we been doing?  As mentioned, several epic dynamis runs. We’ve made no decisions on dynamis but its looking increasingly likely that dyna will be a lowman gil-raising event. I doubt somehow we’ll stop completely.

Interest in Einherjar is waning almost hourly.  We’re trying to finish up an Odin pop right now. Adaberks still seem of interest but if the event wasn’t so short I’m guessing we’d have ditched it already.

Our token galka Kazgoroth got married IRL recently and had dropped out for six weeks but we got to say hi this week and hang out.   It was good to see him on safe and sound, every time he disappears usually, something bad has happened. Wishing him and his wife a safe Christmas as she is heavily pregnant.

Resheph Fight

Resheph Fight

We’ve been storming through Boss wins to get peeps access to the Shinryu fight. So far we’re 8/9 with spare diremite, uragnite and roc pops in hand for the new zones in case peeps haven’t got.  We do have some missed so we fill in gaps where we can. We redid Durinn for the Minnikin Atma, which helped the peeps who missed out.

The shell is in a nice position right now. Not everyone can make it on that much but the people in the shell seem to be enjoying stuff a whole heap more. There’s more working together and we seem to achieve a ton at the weekends. We lost a couple of newer peeps (one to scheduling, one because they simply couldn’t make it work) and gained others.  We’re at decent but not huge numbers but its been a lot of fun on the whole.

I suspect a round of Caturae bashing to begin shortly. Then peeps spamming Shinryu for shinies and cheap brews.

The wishlist system for abyssea has been slow to take off because of the update but it’s now in place and peeps are revising them to be locked down again from the end of the month.  This focuses us a bit and I expect to see a lot of +1s, 2s and rare drops flood out in January.

In terms of personal success…

  • I’ve completed my Surya’s Staff +2!
  • I finally found the motivation to complete my Indra’s Staff +2 and to even get a base weapon for my Varuna’s.  Dominion helps a lot.
  • Complete SCH pants +1, BLM feet +1 whilst helping  seal farm
  • Capped merits on RDM and SMN (so WHM, BLM, RDM and SMN done and SCH and BRD close)
  • Levelled WHM, BLM, RDM, SCH and SMN to 90!
  • Managed to pick up a few hands and body seals

Right, I wanted to write about Silkxiv but I think I’ll save that for a separate post.  We had a quick update from Clevan  to say he hopes to be back in game in January. I honestly wasn’t expecting him back again. If he pops, it will be awesome.

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