TL:DR? Bosses, Caturae and more!

Well ok, over the holiday season all you got was the message I got about how busy my blog has been. It surprised me actually.

 We have been SO busy… 

Like everyone else, we’ve been living in Abyssea. I’m enjoying this more and more now but I am wondering where we’re going next. Someone pointed out to Slaanesh, who mentioned it to me that SE could be evil and give us three more level cap raises… 

Doesn’t that make a sick kind of sense? Anyway I’m guessing that some time in February we’ll get an idea of what is coming next. I’m hoping (along with a lot of other people) that it’s an expansion. An expansion which doesn’t involve a rehash of existing zones.  I don’t mind the Abyssea rehash, I just don’t want more.


Aside from all the normal Christmas and New Year things the shell has finally moved to a wishlist system for Abyssean drops. We designed a brilliant system but it wasn’t practical for us to administer without more automation than we have access to. However we do now have something in place. Alas, it meant that December was a bit of a balls up. Not really our faults but we started the whole thing, knowing full well that SE’s update would blow everything out of the water. 

Which of course it did. So we ended up really focusing on other things. In the end, this has proven to be a fantastic idea.  We did get some wishlist items complete but on the whole we focused on Atma farming and Boss kills.


And oh boy, was that a good idea! 

I am so pleased with how much we have achieved. I’m not going to rehash it all but suffice to say I, and a lot of other have 9 boss kills under their belt and to-date, a good chunk have 5/6 Caturae kills. Yes, we’re about to try Rani, having taken Raja down so smoothly I wanted to kiss the entire linkshell. Seriously, I was so proud, it was hilarious.

Glavoid. Don’t talk to me about Glavoid. I hate f*cking Sandworms. Whoever designed those mobs did so in a manner which pushes all my rage buttons. Still… we did it and it wasn’t too  bad. They’re just horrible mobs.

 Kulkucan, aside from having an awesome paint job, was pretty normal. We ran round some rocks, sometimes getting slower and slower but mostly it was over very quickly.

 Briareus (sp?) didn’t even use his nasty move. He was dull. 

Cirein-Coin is ridiculously easy and can be soloed by quite a few jobs, with care.

Sedna I honestly don’t remember…. 

Whatever the Wamoura is called in Attowha was straightforward.





Resheph is lively. Your healers need to be on the ball but honestly he’s not too bad. Just don’t feed him tons of tp and pull off your melee if he’s spamming. Whoever thought that making a diremite a SAM was a good idea needs either to be given a medal or shot. Not sure which.





Amphitrite is a royal pain in the butt but only because if you hit it with the wrong damage in his mode he spams some shitty move. It just needs people to be awake and on the ball. Oh and for your NIN to not hit like a truck. /stare Erestor.

The only nasty move Bennu the Roc has in Altepa is the AoE Terror. Honestly put a thf on this thing to tank, they last forever.





The caturae have been lively. The one which gave us the most trouble so far was Iratham weirdly enough. Sippoy was fine, Yaanei (aside from opening with Break, on an elvaan with no shadows) straightforward. They all blur into one but the one in Misearaux also no problem. We knew that SE had some serious fights ahead with Raja and then Rani so we started with Raja. We’ve yet to fight Rani but I think we’ll do it. Later of course we may be tempted to ‘brew’ it.





Raja was interesting. We had Martinius and Slaan tank on MNK and PLD respectively. Niamh got the night off to shoot it with RNG.  Thanks to the testimonial on Rani’s page on FFXI Wiki, we decided to kill it using non tping RNG and the odd SMN. Worked a treat. MNK tanking was amazing. I know Mart loves his MNK and he misses tanking on it, so this was a great chance for him. Slaan now considering levelling MNK, which amuses me greatly but does make sense. What with him being mightysmash DRK, WAR and PLD already.





We stuck a SCH in with a RNG party of 3 RNG. We made them take lots of regain atm. They didn’t shoot for tp, they subbed SAM and just unloaded ws as soon as they could. No Royal Decree for them. Adloquium, 2-3 regain atma and /SAM with some buffs and healing ftw. We had a SAM/RNG (Ure) and a SMN (Mel) and then a heavy support team for the tanks.

 It was SUCH a fun fight! So I’m looking forward to a hellish 3 hours or something stupid on Rani…

 Bergi and I duoed a whole HEAP of Koghatu. This is an acrolith NM in UR. We finished his BLM, my WHM and Mart’s RDM hands.  Since when I’m now 5/8 on RDM hands and 7/8 on SCH hands. Nearly done 🙂

 I picked up a lot of trophies and finally got one decent Facio Bliaut. To the point which I decided to sell my Aristo before the interest in the market dies. I’ll keep trying for a slightly better Bliaut than the one I got,  but it is so easy to cap Cure Potency on WHM now, it’s nuts. It’s also scary that my SMN has 45% ish Cure Potency now. So I have a noble’s tunic with -4 ENM and some conserve MP on it. Not a bad tradeoff. Surya’s Staff +2 and the bliaut alone are 32%… add in my Roundel and you have 37. Then add in my Orison Cap +1 and you have 44%. Which leaves my Orison Cape, Serpentes Set or even my Tatsumaki open. I stick with the Orison Cape for now bringing me to 47 and leaving my hands/feet/leg slots open for Orison Pantaloons+1, cure clogs/marduk and blessed.

I’ll keep working on the Bliauts and maybe on a literae coat. Trophies aren’t too hard to come by.

 I’ve completed:

  • WHM: Head/Hands/Legs/Feet +1 and am 1/6 on the stones for the hat +2
  • SCH: Head/Legs/Feet +1 and 7/8 on Hands and 5/6 on the stones for the legs +2
  • BLM: Head/Feet and have some other seals for all the other parts
  • RDM: completed the legs and have 5/8 on hands, 4/6 on Head and some feet seals but no shoes
  • SMN: completed the feet but haven’t finished any other part. Slacking on this really but I have Marduk/Relic and have been a bit focused on WHM. Lots of random seals

 I have the COR feet +1 but more by luck than judgement. I also have a handful of BRD seals. I’m not currently planning on levelling COR but will probably level BRD. It’s decently geared with a new belt and backpiece, as well as an Auger’s Jaseran and most of the Marduk set. Hoping to finish the set soon.

 Dynamis has been ludicrously generous. We walked away with 30+ drops (36 I think) from Qufim… We beat the zone in record time with 12 people on New Year’s day – getting Ebony the win.  5 Accessories, tons of -1s and a sea of COR, SCH and BLU…

 Einherjar is hanging on for now. Just. We have 2 more wins to get on Mitch then we can do Odin again.

 Something strange has come over me and I had a frenzy of Ice staff trial completion. Yesterday alone I completed the 4 weather trials and the arcana trial for the staff and I am now logged out in Mamook, having nuked down about 40 lizard pets already. The staff now has affinity so it means whilst its not quite as good as the one I use normally, nuking with it has become much easier. Soon it will overtake my Aquilos. I’m dead keen on this now because I have Blizzard V and I want to become more powerful than you could possibly imagine…Or something.

Helped I got a MAB earring from a random ASA fight I helped with but I want to finish WoTG so I can get my Moonshade earring for +4 MAB and a Refresh latent. Since our static managed to catch up and complete the missions to date before the update, it shouldn’t take too much work to move on and finish up. Although I will be {Looking for Members} as half the group is on a break with financial/personal concerns.

 Right… so this is WAAAAAAY too long. I’m going to stop now. Hope you all had great holidays! 






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One Comment on “TL:DR? Bosses, Caturae and more!”

  1. January 5, 2011 at 18:39 #

    Rani was a tough customer. We had to reset/zone once. Then ended up brewing him just to get the run over with. 🙂 GL


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