As some of you know, a handful of us have been trying to get the Shinryu fight done and out of the way.Last night we finally made it, but not in the way we’d hoped.This fight is TOUGH. The best we did straight up, was getting him to 8%. There is a lot of luck involved.

Shot of one Shinryu fight attempt

Shot of one Shinryu fight attempt

You need a LOT of healing if you are not brewing this fight. We found the best setup was WHM, WHM, MNK, WAR, BRD, BRD. You could substitute the second BRD for a SMN with Alexander, to make the last 20% much easier. Don’t feed him too much tp. Damaging him isn’t hard; what’s hard is the amount of damage he does to you.

Shin fight

Moar Random Shinryu

Melee should fight on the sides to avoid his breath attack. You can only go nuts as a melee, when his wings are drawn in.

Dispel the Regain effect he gains when he uses Mighty Guard asap.

Everyone should bring plenty of Holy Water because later in the fight he has an AoE Doom move. You should also pick up a Terror and Doom screen from Dominion and as many temp meds as you can.

Charging mah lazer

Charging mah lazer

You should pick these screens up if you intend to brew it, a doom or terror can end the run.

At the point you do this fight, you have the Abyssite of Discernment which gives you a shot at working out which WS to use to proc Blue or Red. If you can find Red, it helps a LOT.  If you can proc Red at around 20% and again as soon as he’s unfrozen you’ll be fine.

Shinryu Proccing

Shinryu Proccing

Even if you intend to brew the fight, you will probably want to proc red and blue first. So you probably won’t go alone. You can’t go nuts until his wings are in. So I’d suggest bringing a mage with you or tons of meds in case he gets off a couple of aga IV before you can take him on.

First Win Pool

First Win Pool

In the end we didn’t do the fight straight up as peeps had to go and Ure ran out of stones, Slaan got into one group spamming it for a knife and Ere and I went in with a MNK brewer and his WHM friend/alt.

Whoever brews the fight, needs a doom and terror screen. Proc red/blue if you can and then once his wings are drawn in, take the screens and brew and go nuts. The brew does not cure you to 9999 so have meds or a mage available but you take less damage period so its not a huge issue.

Expect him to go down in around a minute, maybe less (depends on job/atma/ws) when brewing but if he puts his wings out you’re in trouble.Easily one of the toughest fights straight up I’ve ever seen. Once we hit 95 or 99 it will get easier.

Ere's win

Ere's win

Just don’t assume brew = win. He does so much damage in so many ways it can go wrong then if people are stupid. We went back in a second time and Erestor ‘brewed’ it.  I got lucky enough to win a freelot cape and neck from the guy who let Ere and I tag along. I’ll be working on a cloak when I can 🙂 but my cruor stock isn’t high enough to spam this. Now down to about 350k.

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