To-do list

This is probably not of interest to anyone else…

Skillup Club (currently 293), Staff, Sword and Dagger to new caps.



  • Orison Seal: Body x9
  • Orison Earring (maybe, would allow me to drop the cape in favour of more -ENM and MP)
  • Card of Balance x6
  • Jewel of Voyage x6
  • Beneficus
  • Canne de Combat +2 (completed only 4 trials… so far)


  • Varuna’s Staff +2 (Important: 4 trials to go)
  • Goetia Seal: Body x9
  • Goetia Seal: Hands x 10 – I should work on these asap. Eradico mitts make me lazy.
  • Goetia Seal: Legs x8
  • Morrigan’s Robe – this is new, I think I’ve figured out that this is still win and better yet, it’s now cheap.


  • Caller’s Seal: Head x 5  – I’m kinda ‘meh’ on this as I have Marduk and rarely use Favour
  • Caller’s Seal: Hands x7 – these I do need and I should pull my finger out and get them
  • Caller’s Seal: Legs x6 – ok, but not exceptional
  • Caller’s Seal: Body x10 – Hmm. This is a weird piece. It’s trying to be a perp AND a BP piece. More skill on Auger’s Jaseran


  • Estoqueur Seal: Head x4 – not rushed this because I have a Duelist’s Chapeau but it’s a good nuking piece
  • Estoqueur Seal: Hands x4 – halfway there and I’d like these done soon
  • Estoqueur Seal: Body x 10 –  less bothered about this than I should be as I have Jaseran and Dalmy but it’s 2 per tic and the Macc is huge
  • Estoqueur Seal: Feet x4 – have the shoes, should just go out and get the other 4 seals asap


  • Savant’s Seal: Body x9 – should work on this fast

Chances are that anything which doesn’t have WHM on the tin, won’t get upgraded very fast. SCH has been just pure luck. Hardly anyone levels it and so I’ve done well with EAF+1. BRD stuff aside from the feet is on hold.

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One Comment on “To-do list”

  1. Takito
    January 17, 2011 at 19:09 #

    Thank you. You just reminded me some things i have to do !


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