Sigh of relief or Wind of change? Who knows…

So that’s it. After the Einherjar run this week, we announced that next week’s run is our last. Interest in Einherjar has died and a lot of people are skipping runs. I do understand it. As a format, the event is fun and quick. Alas, only going once a week makes it almost impossible to farm Odin regularly enough to pimp out peeps. So people start drifting away. The core group has been pretty reliable but only having 2 mules rather than 3, has really not helped.

We’re overdue an Adaberk, I hope we see at least one before it ends. We may not have enough people to kill Odin though if peeps decide not to show up. Quite a few have made it clear that they will be there, so we’ll see. Not like it takes tons any more. We’ll be low on RNG but we’re usually high on SMN.

And, we’ve decided to drop Dynamis as a separate shell event. So Nova will be done for now. If Square Enix decides to bring in another endgame environment with a larger group event, we may reinstate it, but with the way things have been going, I doubt it.

There’s a small, renewed interest in Salvage. I think there are at least three of us interested in going again. Initially we’ve asked the original group, once we know whether anyone else wants in, we can then see whether we want to widen it. There are plenty of good people out there but selfishly I miss our group a lot and would love to hang out. I doubt we’ll be spamming zones but maybe we could have a night a week where we have enough points to do a couple of runs or something.

The new plan for Dynamis is to choose a slot and go once a month. This is to help peeps pick up the odd pieces they still need and maybe to make a bit of gil to keep the wolves from the door.

There’s renewed interest in Walk of Echoes and the feeling that we’d all like something non-Abyssea to do occasionally. So that should keep us busy. We’re going to run some Limbus at some point, just to get the wins for Atma. Should be kinda simple to farm up Omega and Ultima pops now.



Our success in Abyssea is pretty awesome. We’ve managed to knock out a ton of Tier 1 wishes this month and quite a few complete or partial lower wishes. So, we’ll tweak the system, iron out the kinks and review. Nearly time for next month’s wishlist… not even sure what is going on it!


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