The End of Nova

Well, that’s it. Our sister shell is dead and gone.  But we went out with a bang! Pictures will have to come later. I keep putting off posting at the moment because I keep forgetting to edit and upload screenshots but if I do that, I’ll never post.

Nova was started in July 2008. We started with Dynamis Bastok.  Essentially the shell came into being because a few of us missed doing Dynamis and our old shell collapsed in March/April of that year.

We did surprisingly well in our first few runs and then SE helpfully dropped the entry fee and upped the droprates.  We went from strength to strength. We decided to split any profit rather than focus on upgrades (I still think this was the right decision) and we decided to rotate zones to get as many clears and pieces of relic as possible

Essentially we muddled through and became very good at Dynamis.

Einherjar was a secondary event which we added about 9 months later. We weren’t so good at that. It took a long time to get us through Wing I, then to go up a level to Wing II and finally get stuck in Wing III. We weren’t without our share of drama and we lost a few people which put us back quite a bit. However, close as we came to giving up, we didn’t

Wing III wins started to pick up and then the level cap went up. At which point, having dragged ourselves to the point where we could just about do it, we found ourselves with 5 extra levels. Even though interest in the event had declined because we’d taken so bloody long to get there… we found that 80 made all the difference to our reduced group. Instead of aiming for 28+ people, we were suddenly doing ok with 18-24.

Our first Odin was messy and we wiped at 1%. However it meant that next time we went in and beat him with 17. We’ve done a few Odins now, only messing up our first one. Alas, Square Enix brought in Empyrean Armour and that really started to sign Nova’s death warrant. Initially the gear from Einherjar and Dynamis stayed relevant but piece by piece almost all of it has fallen. Sure there are still some pieces, but they are on the whole (chapeau aside) macro pieces.

We saw one dalmatica, zero E bodies, one Valhalla breastplate, one Valhalla helm, a Hofud and I think a V fork. As well as a ton of junk (M Body, W Bodies, various). We even got D-feeted. For the amount of time/effort it turned out to be utterly killed by Abyssea. Even though we all enjoyed the format of the event. The Loot to member ratio is shit.

We polled people before Christmas.  Dynamis was still vaguely popular but Einherjar – well no one cared. They had their ampoules and nothing decent dropped anyway… so we decided to do our promised Odin and then call it.  We had a few decent Dynamis runs which saw a sea of chapeau and thf hands drop… and suddenly even Dynamis wasn’t so popular.  It still is vaguely popular but the amount of admin per head for Nova, didn’t really make it worth it.

When you see 36 drops in a run and only 6 are actually wanted… then you know that it’s probably time to change things up. And the price of currency drops every week…

Dynamis Lord Win

Dynamis Lord Win

So we decided that we would do Dynamis once a month in Seren and focus on farming up odd pieces here and there. We need some Basty and Jeuno pieces and a few bits which Tav runs would cover. We’ll work out a vague system but we’ll do it on a run by run basis and not have recurring admin. Costs will probably be split by those attending and profit, also.

So on Saturday, we went to Tav, with the sole aim of farming to the time extensions and then focusing on the win. Just for completion’s sake. We’d done Xarc not long before Christmas. We’ll probably grab both the Xarc and Tav wings again within Seren for fun and for the peeps who missed.

We got all 16 peeps through the Diabolos NPCs, only aggroing one additional Boss. So we fought 2 in the end. Slaan, Zero and Bailie held one whilst the rest of us took out the other. Even though some of our big number DDs got pwned with Death/AoE damage, we ended up killing both Bosses quickly and with little incident. Suddenly a ??? popped and we had 20mins of farming time left.

I unashamedly made out like a bandit on PLD gear. Slaan got first pick but he’d picked up the pieces which dropped and so I got hydra hands/legs for my 70 PLD.  Nia has one of the pieces but is in the USA for a month and will probably murder me when he gets home.

And no Eiden, even though the PUP gear autoed to me…  Altaana isn’t directing me towards PUP. Although I am considering it.  Not as much as finishing my PLD though. We are so short on PLD…

Dynamis Tavnazia Win

Dynamis Tavnazia Win

So… win got.

Sunday, we had our final Odin. Honestly at one point Slaan and I thought we’d have to cancel but slowly peeps crawled in for what was to be Nova’s last event. We put together a decent setup and kicked butt.  We were most worried about the adds, but Neph/Lyrick did a great job filling Mart’s shoes between them. (Well one is a taru…)

Drops were breastplate, M Body, W head and Shadow cuffs. Breastplate went to Slaan, W Head to Josiey, not sure on the cuffs and the M Body to me… At least the breastplate should have gone to Slaan but he dc’d… and it was gone…

Gutted. Totally gutted. And pretty much ruined the win for me and no doubt Slaan. He was there, he got the right to lot and then his shitty connection bailed… GM’s can’t do anything because it never dropped to him.

Maybe in a while, after a break, we can build on Sammich’s feathers and go again. He must have 5-6 now. But right now we’re on a break and Nova is done.

Last night, I broke the shell and remade Nova in a new shell, in case SE decides to bring in a new large group event. I doubt it but somehow I didn’t want to see our name used and abused somehow.  Breaking the pearl ends Nova’s very successful history cleanly and should we restart at some later point, allows us a fresh, drama-free start.

I’ll post up our Dynamis Drop stats in a bit but this was a short history of everything the shell achieved. On to bigger and hopefully better things in Seren.  The discussions on event scheduling are about to start and we’re looking at things to aim for which aren’t Abyssean, just to keep us sane.


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