Oh Hell Yeah! About freaking time!

Ok, ok… I am SO happy with this! From here http://www.playonline.com/pcd/topics/ff11eu/detail/6198/detail.html

Q: Are there any plans to provide a means to upgrade equipment from Salvage, Einherjar, Nyzul, and so forth? I put a great deal of effort into obtaining these items, but these days they feel underpowered.

A: Yes. Future updates will introduce not only a host of new items, but also new upgrade possibilities for existing weapons and armor. Methods including but not limited to Trial of the Magians are in the works, and we think you’ll enjoy what we have in store

So screw all you Salvage haters!

Seriously though, we’ve recently restarted Salvage and I was lucky enough to get a Morri body 35. Considering until you +2 a BLM body it’s still up there… I’m looking forward to seeing  a Morrigan’s Robe +1 or even 2… I don’t care if it’s not until 99… I can deal.   I’m sitting on Morrigan’s Hands/Legs right now as well as most of the Marduk set (need the hands 35).

Oh man am I H-A-P-P-Y! Updates to Nyzul Isle and Assault gear would be kinda nice also…

I’ll be back later with more posting – brb  with a huge fucking grin on my face!



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