To-do list. AFK 10 years.

I think I could be here for another 10 years…

Skill up Club to cap from 293
Skill up Staff from 250 & unlock Cataclysm
Skill up Sword from 300+
Finish Skilling up Shield for PLD
Skill up Great Sword
Skill up Dagger from 300+
Trials 714 – 2140 Club
Finish Orison Pantaloons +2
Finish Orison Bliaud +2
Start Orison Duckbills +2
Trials 1709, 2195 & 2603 for Ice Staff
Finish Goetia Pants +1
Finish Goetia Body +1
Upgrade Hands/Feet/Head to +2
Finish Morrigan’s Body
XP 80-90
Finish Creed Legs (4/8)/Head/Hands/Body +1
Creed Neck/Waist accessories
Finish Capping Merits (60% done)
W legs
Dornen Schuh’s
XP 85-90
Finish Navarch’s Head/Body/Legs/Hands +1
Find a new gun
Update all macros with new gear
W legs
Buy final rolls
Cap Merits (80% done)
Finish some magian gear >.> (Various Seals)
Finish Feet (7/8), Head (4/8), Body (1/10) +1
Finish Morrigan’s Body
W legs


Categories: ffxi, game mechanics, Online Life


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