I’m back, from Outer Space

OK, ok, I haven’t posted in ages. I’ve been too busy being at work or sick. If I’m honest, far too much has happened in game recently for me to keep on top of it. We’ve been so busy.

Changing to the wishlist system has helped us a lot but I think all of us wish there was more to the game than Abyssea now.  We have reduced our weekly Dynamis schedule to monthly, so right now we’re on a break from it. By the time it comes around again, I think I’ll enjoy it, even if only 6 of us go.

We have started running a bit more Walk of Echoes on Sundays. This is nice and last week we beat a zone and (once the last items sell) have made a decent amount of gil from it. People are making slow progress towards WoE weapons too, although many are considering Empyrean now.  I have done a few club trials towards the Empyrean/Walk of Echoes weapon. I’m seriously considering going for Gambanteinn, even if only to the second version where you get Dagan.

Bergi, Slaan and I tried out Fistule. He’s cake. Getting the basic Gambanteinn will be fine but upgrading it using Bukhis’ wings will take a little longer.  Kenda, Slaan and I went back to Fistule and also killed Guimauve netting us the atma from Fistule and the SCH ammo from Gui.

Fistule Discharge

Upgrade Item needed for Empyrean Club

Speaking of Emyrean Weapons, Ure upgraded his Masamume.  Huge congrats to him 🙂 I have to be honest, initially it looked like a mammoth task and I wasn’t sure Ure was prepared to commit to it but once we started unlocking Atma with Lunar Abyssites and getting some of the big-ticket buffs then it all got a lot easier. He worked very hard and he had some good help along the way. Once the first upgrade was done, it was far easier to complete the lantern stage.   He finished on Sunday – we were all pretty pleased for him and got to watch his new ws.

My biggest news is probably PLD. Although I doubt I’ll get to play it that often, my PLD is now 84. It makes a change but boy do I have a bit to learn. Not least that really if I want to tank in Abyssea I probably need to be a MNK.  Or something.  I caved in and xp’d it in Abyssea from mid 50s. Not idea and not what I wanted if I am honest. I wanted to xp in old-school parties to build up my confidence but as I’ve discovered, xp doesn’t really set you up for tanking.

I’m thankful that I’ve been levelling on /NIN and learning how to cope with that. I’ve done well on gear and have upgraded EAF feet and legs so far. I can’t keep on top of all the gear my jobs need right now so I’m tending to focus on WHM, BLM and a bit of PLD and RDM. I got to come to Sky on PLD and honestly felt like such a n00b. Thankfully we had real tanks and I learnt more in an hour or two up there than I have since the start. All my macros changed enormously! I’ve unlocked Atonement now thanks to Ure and I changed nations to buy my Iron Ram Hauberk. Thankfully the new EAF and Perle have both helped me not feel as gimp as I only have the Homam Hands. I’m glad I have these though.

I need to finish up PLD to 90 (its already well merited) and then try it again. I’ve now merited quite a bit and have sword/shield merits as well as a few in Rampart/Sentinel recast (these will be capped); Fealty, Chivalry and Guardian. Not sure about Iron Will. I can’t really touch ENM but I have maxed crit hits and enemy crit hits down.

My COR came out of storage briefly and so my macros were updated with the bits of gear I’d picked up. I’m actually really glad I upgraded the COR boots that dropped to me.

I’ve been trying to finish off some EAF pieces as I have a sack full of seals. I need to finish the RDM head and work on bodies a bit more. WHM now has two +2 EAF pieces, the other three being +1.  The shell has a growing group of WHMs who are gearing themselves up nicely, which means we have considerably more job flexibility now. We could still do with a PLD or two, but Mart is overjoyed that his MNK is back in tank-fashion. I was very pleased to get this on Sunday…

Beneficus Club

Mad Barspells go!

I think the thing which is keeping me sane is that we have reinstated the Salvage static. After they announced that Salvage gear would be upgradable, almost all of us let out a deep sigh of relief and excitement. And to a man, I think we couldn’t wait to go back in.  I’ve missed the group activity and it’s a fun thing to do well. So far we’ve seen 35s for Morri body (mine!), Ares Cuirass (Ere), Usu legs (Mart), Skadi Feet (Neph, Ere) and gotten Ere’s 25 for his Marduk body. Hopefully we’ll pick up his 15 and my 15 and 25 soon along with all the 25s we need for Skadi feet. We also need to finish out Ure’s Usu head and Body, Mart’s Morri feet and no doubt other stuff for Nia (and possibly others).

Thanks to quick thinking on my part, Slaan kindly picked up 6 Imp. Wootz Ingots for me at 29k each. So once I get the other pieces, I’ll have a morrigan’s robe.  Right now its still a great piece for RDM to nuke in and comparable to BLM EAF+1 body.  Once upgraded I suspect it will still be right up there.

Ironically, the only 35 we haven’t seen (which we’ve gone for) in AR, is the Marduk hands… this is usually the junk piece which no one wants. I desperately want it as I am 14/15 on the Marduk set and it would be nice to complete it. I’m sure it will drop some day and then rain down on us when we don’t need it anymore.

Levelling a new job has gotten me all fussy about skilling up. Obviously my parrying and shield skill suffered enormously and so I’ve been out skilling up quite a bit. Both are still low but they’re a hell of a lot better than they were. I’ll keep doing this until they’re decent. I’ve also levelled up Great Sword from 80 to 197 so far. My aim is 225 so I can do both  GS proc’s for Red !! on PLD.

My staff skill needs some more work, I’ve started but its slow business. Slaan put me on to the Roaring Laughter atma to stack with Gnarled Horn, so I’m in the middle of doing the prereqs to achieve it.  Countering a ton helps your skill up rate a lot apparently and I want Cataclysm. I’m not too far off now.  Club skill is still a bit low at 300ish but Sword is almost done. I want to bring dagger up a bit more for Aeolian Edge, it’s really not far now and there’s a chance my COR may make it to 90 after all.

We’ve killed tons of NMs, gotten lots of shinies and had a lot of fun along the way.  There has been the odd Limbus run and some Sky, just to help break things up a bit – I think we’re moving towards a pattern of using the last Sunday of the month for something different. Saving us potential abyssea wishlist drama.

I’ve been impressed with the content on Twitter recently, it’s made a difference and the resulting Q&A posts have been really helpful.  Like everyone else though, I’m waiting for the next ‘major’ version update and what happens next.

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