Keeping on top of Skills.

I’m getting nothing done this morning at work as I keep being interrupted with different things. So I’ve given up and am writing a blog post, line by line.

The mini-update is full of small, useful things and has resulted in a mad flurry of subjob levelling and skilling up.  We decided that it was a good time for the shell to focus on getting people’s skills up to scratch too. Consequently, I have to finish my Great Sword to at least 240ish. It’s sat at 197 right now.  The aim is to have as many Red and Blue proc’s covered by as many job combinations as possible. We don’t always have  the ideal setups for mobs we can kill so if everyone who can do the required WS has access then we can come up with some novel combos.

It’ll be Hexastrike for blue anyway. It always is. Ok, it’s not but it often is. Usually when we have one WHM who has it and the mob is REALLY tough and so they’re needed for cure bombing and don’t have tp/temps.

Still, MNK, NIN and WAR cover so much that if those with those jobs have their weapons levelled then it makes life so much easier. I was surprised how many people hadn’t unlocked the quested WS for their major weapons.  Some even for jobs they’ve had for years. I’m guessing some of them are shit but we need them now.

I have Black Halo, Retribution, Evisceration, Detonator and Savage Blade complete. I also have Mystic Boon, Death Blossom, Mordant Rime, Leaden Salute and Atonement. I haven’t unlocked the NI ws for BLM, SCH and SMN (Omiscience, Garland of Bliss and Vidohunir) but I have all three weapons and will be.

In terms of the newer WS, I have Sanguine Blade, Flash Nova and Aeolian Edge so far. I need Cataclysm for Staff and I need to skill up marksmanship to get Numbing Shot.  Cata is close now. I went out of my way to skill up Great Sword so that should I ever be on PLD I can do red procs. They get Ground Strike so I’ll do that at some point.

Now I need to check all my offensive magic skills. We’ve asked peeps to skill up so that they’re no more than 35 points from cap.  Obviously, capping is ideal. People are rushing into new jobs every week and it would do more good if they stopped and caught up a bit.  To be fair, most things are fine and a lot of our peeps work very hard at keeping a huge range of weapons and skills to hand.

My elemental magic is capped at 361 (+16 points in merits). Enfeebling is almost capped, as is Dark. Divine might be a bit low, I’ll have to check but if so, it’s really not far. My Ninjitsu is capped at sub levels. I don’t have BLU so that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about but I know my singing and wind skills are a little low. I don’t use BRD often but I’ll probably take it out when I skill up dagger a bit more or to help with skillups in general.

I’m pleased to say that none of my skills are sat at uber low levels except Shield and I’ve been out for two sessions on that already.  I’m also in the process of question the Roaring Laughter atma so I can take out PLD and counter my way to 300+ staff. It’s around 250-260.

Parrying is low, but it seems to skill up fine. I’ve been out to abyssea a couple of times skilling shield or staff and it kicks in a lot. Evasion unsurprisingly is capped for all.

Healing Magic is skilling up steadily but even though I’m on WHM the most and spamming cures like crazy, it’s taking a while. I am at around 320. I hate it.  Enhancing is going up steadily and isn’t far enough from cap for me to worry about so really if I could just get Healing up a bit, I’d be fine.

So everyone is working on their skills to ensure we’re on top of things.  Before SE raises the level caps again and people fall further behind.

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2 Comments on “Keeping on top of Skills.”

  1. February 17, 2011 at 23:27 #

    You can probably skill up Healing Magic more quickly using it offensively on Undead?


    • eldelphia
      February 18, 2011 at 00:10 #

      Well I took WHM out tonight for the first time since the mini update and got 2 whole levels in the time I would previously have seen one skillup… so I’m happy.


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