Gambanteinn (lack of) Progress

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, there’s no sane reason. I just want to. The WHM in me cries out for it. I figure don’t get too stressed about it and when I’m 99 it’ll be a lot easier.

I’ve completed 4 trials so far.  So I need the following:

Trial 714: Ankabut x4
Trial 715: Okyupete x4
Trial 716: Urd x6
Trial 717: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1600: Tammuz x8
Trial 1601
: Fistule Discharge x50
Trial 2140: Bukhis’s Wing x50

I waited for others for a bit but things keep changing so I’ll just get moving again.  714 and 715 should be quick. Urd isn’t bad. Lamprey Lord isn’t bad anymore and Tammuz is fine.

Fistule is cake. I might try and level Mitch’s BST the last few levels so that I can try duoing on SMN and BST but Ere and I are considering teaming up to get our first Empy stages done. I have some Fistule and Bukhis bits already but nothing to write home about.

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